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In the next version of Lightroom could they implement a better spellcheck? The spellcheck currently in Lightroom3 does not work as well as spellcheck seen in Photo Mechanic or the basic spellcheck used on a Mac.

Also could they make the caption box larger or the ability to increase the size. The current caption box is to small and makes it hard to see what is being typed?

In a nut shell could they make the next Lightroom more like Photo Mechanic in terms of captioning and adding metadata ?
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Posted 7 years ago

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One thing that may help a little for the caption box, is enlarging the right hand panel to its full width, if you haven't already done so, as that will make the caption box wider.

Out of interest, how long are the captions you generally type? How much bigger would you need the caption field to be?
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Hi Victoria I should have been more precise in what I meant for larger caption box.

What I really was asking for is to be able to enlarge the font size, something along the lines of the metadata box in Photoshop or Photo Mechanic. For me the font size or caption box is to small for me to read sometimes.

I was thinking maby they could implement a zoom mode for caption box or any other metadata boxes.

But definitely a better spell check...I've tested the spell check in Lightroom and it has let things go by that it should have caught.
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Font size for the whole panel (among many other things) can be controlled using jf.Friedl's Lightroom configurator:

Also, you can size the boxes themselves however you want using metadata tagsets, for example, if you put this in a file called Experimental.lrtemplate and store it in the "Lightroom app-data folder" / 'Metadata Field Lists' subfolder (then restart Lightroom) you will have a minimum 3-line caption box, if you select 'Experimental' in the drop-down in the metadata section of right-hand panel.

return {
version = 1, -- format this file is in (format version #1)
title = "Experimental",
id = "doe.jane.metadatafieldlist.experimental",
type = "MetadataFieldList",
-- keep plugins alphabetical
items = {
-- A D O B E
{ "com.adobe.label", label = "File Info" },
{ "com.adobe.label", label = "Title & Caption" },
-- c a p t i o n 3 - l i n e s
{ 'com.adobe.caption', height_in_lines = 3 },
{ "com.adobe.label", label = "Shooting Info" },
{ "com.adobe.label", label = "Genre, Scene, & Location" },
-- D E V M E T A
{ "com.adobe.label", label = "RC Dev Meta" },
{ "com.adobe.label", label = "Camera Calibration" },
{ "com.adobe.label", label = "Basic" },
{ "com.adobe.label", label = "Tone Curve" },
{ "com.adobe.label", label = "HSL / Color / B & W" },
{ "com.adobe.label", label = "Split Toning" },
{ "com.adobe.label", label = "Detail" },
{ "com.adobe.label", label = "Lens Corrections" },
{ "com.adobe.label", label = "Effects" },
{ "com.adobe.label", label = "Crop, Locals, & Retouch" },
{"com.adobe.label", label="RC Exif Meta" },
{ 'com.adobe.label', label = 'SubIFD1' },
{ formatter = 'com.robcole.develop.ExifMeta.bigBlock', topLabel=true },
-- N X T O O
-- { "com.adobe.label", label = "RC Nx Too" }, -- The label is automatic when * is used.

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As far as spell-check, Lightroom should just hook into the system-wide spellcheck service (if it does not do so already) instead of doing it themselves.
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Is there such a thing (system-wide spellcheck) in Windows?
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If there isn't, there should be. It is not the place of an app to offer this. There are also small programs that will do this for you.
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How about a spell checker for Lightroom 4? I produced stock photos and having a spell checker for all text (especially keywords) would be very helpful.

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Now with the book module added in Lightroom 4 beta, I feel a spell checker is absolutely ness... necce... necessary.

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Lightroom: Spelling checker is needed.
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Great Product

Would be enhanced with a spell checker to help with the text insertions.

It would be even more powerful if, in addition to the photo and page caption features, a floating Text box feature could be added to add text particularly in two page spreads and other layout types such as clean.

You might also consider custom page layouts that can be created and stored. Ideally creations could be from blank or a variant of existing types.

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Your other requests are already topics as well that you can add your comments/vote to:
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Please, pleas, peas, add a spell check feature to Lightroom for the PC. Bad spelling and simple typos can make it hard to find a photo with a missspellled word! Please add soon! I beg you!

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spell check needed.
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It's easy to configure your own spell checking.

I dunno how on Mac, but on Windows:

* Download & install MicroSpell (it works fine on Win7).
* Press Ctrl-F12 when you're ready to run the spell check on present field.

It blinks once if no issues, and presents a very nice UI if resolution is called for.

If you want to spell check all specified fields in selected photos, it will be more convenient to use:

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When can we expect Lightroom to include spell check in metadata entry panels like Photo Mechanic does?

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Lightroom: Spell Check in metadata entry?.
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I just don't get it. Several version of Lightroom, and for some reason none of them have spelling/grammar check in IPTC/EXIF field editors.

I can only surmise that this is done on purpose.

Here's a thought: You are probably looking for a reason to justify people subscribing to your CC service. You have cited immediate access to new features, and here is some low hanging fruit.
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Bouncing this topic. The lack of a spell checking facility in the Tag and Exif data is a huge pain and an essential requirement IMO. Using external spell checking services slows down the workflow too much, especially with several hundred images to process each time. And I don't want to add yet another app to my system just because Lightroom doesn't provide something as basic as this...
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Lightroom needs a spell check feature for Keywording. Should be an easy feature to add. Please include it. Keywording and organizing photos is one of the best parts of Lightroom but the lack of a spell check feature is annoying.