Photoshop: Better Preset Organization (sub-folders, tag, search)

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I'd love a better way to organize brushes, shapes, and styles. Perhaps a way to tag them, then search or sort by tag.
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Posted 9 years ago

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Brushes.

Hello, it would be great to group selected brushes. A search function for the Brushes would also be helpful.
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Official Response
In Photoshop CC 2018:
  • Brushes can now organize brushes into groups/folders and subfolders
  • Invoking search Edit > Search (cmd + f) will also search brushes and reveal them the new Brushes panel (Edit: sorry, mis-spoke, this part wasn't added in 19.0)
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Over here the search pop up does not show brush categories or names, nor open them in brush panel. it seems it can't access them. It only finds basic tools, brush, pencil etc, or filters.
Typing palette knife will only show the filter and no brush or tool preset with that name.
In contrast Corel Painter's search bar will show brush variants.
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You guys completely floored me. This is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!! I can not thank you enough. This new version of photoshop is simply a game changer. Great job guys.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled brush panel.

Dreams of having a Search Bar in the Brush Panel



I'd like to start with ..Wow I love the CC 2018 and 2019 releases. Amazing work to everyone on the Photoshop team!


I would also like to make a request for the brush panel to include a search field. 

Ideally (if it is possible), I would love for the search field to be able to restrict what brushes are visible when the search field is used. For example - If I used a specific naming convention at the beginning of my brush names to identify what they are used for like 'Chalk', 'Oil', or something more general like 'Blockout' or 'reTouch'. After the search was used, the brush panel would then only display the brushes that the word(s) in its naming convention.

I think it would also be nice to not only search by name but also to have the option to toggle the search from 'brush name' to 'brush type'. In that, one could search for all of their smudge or mixer brushes and the panel would then only display the brushes of that category.

- While I am thinking of it I think it would be super spiffy if the brush panel could have some split window functionality. Specifically, I am hoping for the brush panel to have the ability to keep locked a portion of the top part of the panel so that you can keep available brushes that you are constantly working with. While still being able to scroll through the rest of your brush library in the remaining lower portion. Perhaps it could be a special function of a group folder. After you group some of your favorite brushes you could lock them down so that they don't move when you scroll or search in the brush library.

The 'Outliner' panel in Autodesk's 3D modeling software 'Maya' has a handy split window functionality in that you can drag a divider up from the bottom of the panel to maintain focus on a portion of the panel and use the other half to scroll through the list.

Oooh! and perhaps... it would be possible to select a color for the brushes group folder just like you can for layers. That would make it much easier to visually separate sets of dedicated brushes. 

Thank you very much for your time and consideration!
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Make it possible to tag a color label to any brush in the Brushes panel, like how....

Please Photoshop,

In the Layers panel, there is a great feature that enables the user to tag a Color Label (No Color, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Grey) to a specific Layer for easy recognition and organization, independent of Folder structure. 

Can you PLEASE add the same feature to the list of Brushes?

When sorting through brushes, I'm not ready to commit to separating my brushes into separate Folders to help organize. If I could quickly tag a brush as Blue (for example) representing the last used brush, then when returning to my file a week layer after working on other projects, I'll easily be able to find my brush. OR, I could tag all my favourite Splatter brushes Orange, without removing them from their specific location in the Brush Pack downloaded from Adobe. This way I'd always be able to see my favourite splatter brush, but also see its similar ones right beside it. 

Having Folders AND Colour Tags (like in the Layers panel) as a way to visually organize Brushes will be a huge time saver. Please consider.

Anyone else agree?
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It would be very nice I agree. though I have brushes in folders. It would be nice to color tag those that I use most commonly to remember where to find them. Or when working on a specific project. 
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Adding color would be nice and helpful.
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I like the idea of tagging the brushes.

Further, being able to select a brush with the function keys would be nice, even if you had to set it up as an action.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled search bar in brushes panel?.

Could you please add a search bar in brushes panel? so that we can search a specific brush by it's name faster instead of looking through all these brushes back and forth as an illustrator is really time consuming . For example if i searched for leafs or water brush to find all the options i have appeared. Like there is search in the text tool for fonts.
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Just to remind everyone of my plugin, BrushBox!

Searching, color coding, tagging favorites, it's all there =)
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled We need groups for "styles" like we have for brushes.

I liked the addition of folder groups for brushes added in Photoshop CC 2018. I was hoping that the same feature would have been added for styles in Photoshop CC 2019. However, that did not happen.

I was amazed that the same feature was not implemented for all preset types in Photoshop CC 2019. I thought for sure that this feature would have been extended to everything else.

I have a ton of styles and right now, I am dividing the categories by a blank style. That helps a little, but it still can be hard to find what I am looking for because it is still one big list of styles when it all boils down.

It would be MUCH easier to have folders or groups for styles and other presets (patterns, shapes, etc). It would help a lot for those who have a lot in their Photoshop.

When you created that feature in CC 2018, and not extend it to other custom content in CC 2019, how could something so obvious be overlooked?
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Highlight Favorite & Frequent Brushes.

Consider adding the ability to color tag favorite brushes and/or adding a search field. We do have the option of creating a separate group of favorites, but I would rather be able to keep them in their category folder and see them next to the other similar options. Hiring Kyle Webster was a good move and I would imagine brush use and the quantity of brushes will really grow.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Search bar for Tool Presets.

Just a little search bar that appears at the top of the tools presets to help you find a certain brush much faster. It's great being able to categorise groups of brushes into subfolders, but once you have 300+ brushes it can still be a slog to find a particular brush. I feel that a search bar would be a simple and elegant solution to this problem I'm constantly having.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Better Preset Organization.

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Swatches (Brushes, Shapes, Styles) Manager.Dear Mr. Tranberry, as you are the Sr. Product Manager I URGE you to get this issue (see title) sorted people asking for since at least 5-8 Years. Sure, I will not spend money for extra 3rd Party Tools ( for functions that should be default and vital part of Photoshop. Otherwise step back from your position if you are not able to get Photoshop into 21st century. Do you hear me?

Note: This conversation was created from a reply on: Camera Raw: Better preset management/organization/folders.