Lightroom 4.1RC: Better performance please - see below issues

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I find that the 4.1 rc version is better than 4.0 but still not snappy like 3.6 was. Here are some things I have noticed that are slow:

• tagging images with flags, colors, labels, etc. - seems to be a two to three second delay when doing this before they register and show up with the files. I have write .xmp off.
• and in regards to writing to xmp off, if I select it, It seems to want to update my whole catalog (148,000 images) and if I try to quit, it promps me that it has not finished and do I want to quit and if I do it will resume upon restarting. At that point when I try to quit, it just hangs even if I tell it to quit writing xmp info. I let it go for a couple hours yesterday and it seems it still didn't finish and caused problems again trying to quit. I ended up having to force quit. I never remember this problem in the past and in the past, if you selected write to xmp or not, it used to do it or not do it from that point forward. Until this is fixed, I have it off and just manually save metadata using Cmd-S.
•When in library mode, moving between images is snappy, however once you go to the develop module, it slows to a snail's pace (3-5 second delay). I know develop module is not as fast in general for moving between images, but in ver. 3.6 there was only a slight delay (maybe 1 sec.). Now I'm bouncing back and forth wasting time switching modules, which brings me to my next performance issue:
* When switching from library to develop, it takes quite a few seconds to respond, then after that it loads the image with the loading... icon/message, and another few seconds are wasted. That used to be almost instantaneous in 3.6. Going to develop to library seems fine with only a slight delay.
• The adjustment brush is faster in 4.1 than 4.0 but not nearly as responsive as in 3.6 which is frustrating and very easy to overdo what you're trying to do by the time the brush catches up.
•Sliders still have a bit of jerkiness to them in develop module. Also sometimes when I grab a scrubby slider to move it, it highlights the field as if I want to enter a number. Wish this would not happen. If I want to enter the number, a single click should do it in the field. If I grab the scrubby slider, it should just activate the scrubby slider.
• Keyword suggestions take much longer to generate. In 3.6 as fast as I'd add keywords, the relevant suggestions would pop up right away.
• When zooming into 100%, it seems to be reasonably fast to render, but I've noticed sometimes it just shows the blurred semi-rendered version without actually rendering 1:1. Even unzooming and rezooming doesn't work. Only solution is to go to another image and then back to the original image and that seems to kick it into gear and re-initialize the rendering engine.

Overall I love the features and new process 2012, I'm just disappointed in the performance. Especially now that I'm trying to edit a large job. I really wish the program could be optimized to work as well as 3.6 did and I hope once the final version of 4.1 is released (hopefully soon) we will see an overall performance boost. I have removed ver 3.6 from my system so that's too much of a hassle to go back and not an option, plus I've gotten used to the new process and like it too much to go back.

From the posts I've read it seems others are experiencing this as well, as well as colleagues I've spoken to. It seems to be across platforms and regardless of computer specs (as long as someone's using a fairly updated and capable computer)

Thanks for working on a performance boost Adobe and getting ver. 4.1 dialed in and releasing a final version.
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