Lightroom: Better handling of exporting and reimporting keyword synonyms

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Currently, keyword synonyms get exported as top-level keywords; if the exported image is reimported into the catalog, those synonyms end up getting added to the catalog as top-level keywords.

Suggestion: If the export option Write Keywords As Lightroom Hierarchy is selected, then export the synonyms hierarchically, so that if they are reimported into the catalog, they get imported as synonyms under their existing parent keyword.

For example, suppose there is the keyword Family > John with synonym Jack. These would get exported into the metadata field XMP:HierarchicalSubject as:


When reimported, LR would recognize that Family|John|Jack is a synonym of Family|John in the catalog and not create a new keyword.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Good idea. For the mean time, ExportMaster assures exported keywords will be *exactly* the same as source master. At some point, I will probably move ExportMaster functionality to Exportant, but as things stand today, one should use post-process action from one or the other, but not both simultaneously.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Lightroom: Bug w/keywords in Pano file from original file keywords.

Exported to pano picture at reimported, keywords listed as synonyms are imported as full keywords.

Explained more detailed: I export some pictures to build a pano (not in Photoshop) and when re imported the built Tiff, the keywords that were synonyms in the originals are used as full keywords, and mapped in the keyword list.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Lightroom: Hierarchical keywords appear flat after reimporting image.

As soon as I started to use a set of common keywords applied to my images during import I recognized that LR seems to have a problem to consistently handle hierarchical keywords.

Whenever I use an external application in my workflow (eg HeliconFocus or SNS-HDR) all the keywords assigned to an externally processed image appear on top level in the hierarchical structure after passing them back to LR. It seems that during import LR does not consider its own hierarchical structure.

This behaviour can be easily reproduced in LR by assigning any two-level hierarchy keyword to an image, export to jpg ("Write keywords as LR hierarchy" checked) then reimport the jpg. The assigned keyword and even every single of its synonyms appear as individual entries on top level of the keyword hierarchy.

My expectation would have been that LR recognizes that the keywords attached to the image match with the keyword structure defined in the catalog and does not change anything apart from increasing counters.
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We determined that Karsen's issues were with exported synonyms only, not keywords.