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Bridge CC is lacking fairly basic workspace management features - namely being able to divide the work space to hold additional panels.

As an example of how I expect this feature to be, take Photoshop.
If I had a burning desire to give my layers their own real estate, I can go from this

By dragging Layers between two sub frames - and you see this clear indication that SOMETHING will happen

That something being this result:

Neat, but I also want channels where I can see them so I drag to the bottom of a sub frame...

And get exactly what I expected - the layer and channels tab now share the same sub frame. 

But what happens if I try this exact same thing in Bridge CC?

If I try the first example - adding a new 'vetical' frame like with layers? 


But yeah - end of post here. I'm going to bitch about my awful time with Adobes customer support now, because it took over a week dealing with them before getting to this post. Whether I just missed something or not - 2 'general' support reps, 1 "Bridge CC expert' rep, and whoever it is that did the callback over a week past when they were scheduled to - has me writing the last half of this.

The feature I was having problems with - whether it's broken or just plain not in the app - this honestly wouldn't bother. What bothers me is not one of the first 3 reps I spoke to could do better than follow the exact same support script - the kind of scrip that I have to assume is a flow chart for "if customer asks X, do this, this, this, and this".

In this case
Link the same couple articles that happen to mention 'workspace' (and ones that don't)
None of them even explain how to do what I was asking - and apparently it's too much trouble to just say 'drag a tab to the border of a panel'. I would have said I had been and thats why I contacted them - but they didn't even bother to do so.

Then they link me to a video. The video was offline.

So then they ask to remote into your computer (apparently Adobe CC lets them do this) - assuming I'd even had any confidence they could have done something after failing to even answer me directly...
At this point, they hadn't even  tried to explain how to do what I was asking them about, and I should now trust them to directly access PC and do things in it?
Ok, sure - assume I might have, but not when files on my PC are under NDA.

So then I get passed  off to an 'expert' in bridge at support. So just go back to the first step, and come back here - after the third lap through, I demanded to speak with someone who could either resolve this or at least tell me no.
So now they ask for a callback number, and a time that day they can call. Then they double confirm it.

Then they don't call back.

Then I have to contact them and remind them they are a week late for a scheduled callback.

Then I get told to write a 'request ticket' here, so sorry, yada yada.
Yeah, sorry, this looks more like a forum to me, than a feature request or bug report form. I'm not looking for people to read this, but might as well highlight my experience if it has to be public. At least if we're just continuing the 'lying to me" thing, others will know what went down when this continues to not be resolved.

Is this a bug in bridge?
Is it just not a thing in bridge, even though the other way works?

I don't care. I'm no longer using bridge. I don't care if it gets fixed, or never fixed, or was never broken before. It shouldn't take a week to find this out.
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