Lightroom for mobile: Better / improved Huawei P30 Pro support (Multi-camera selection for HDR , Color profile for non Bayer sensor, Depth sensor usage)

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Huawei released its new camera phone the P30 pro.

It comes with a 16mm, 27mm and 125mm camera + a TOF lens.

1) LR Mobile can only use the 16mm camera, would be great to select which one to use. So I could choose which lens I would like to use for HDR Dngs. Also the 27mm is the main camera with the biggest sensor with the highest resolution. But letting the user choose would be the best option.

2) The main sensor doesn't come with a traditional Bayer pattern, instead it uses a RYYB pattern (red yellow yellow blue) the main idea was to use 4 Pixels as 1 to produce 10MP photos, but 40MP photos work too. But the colors are definitely off for Huawai DNG files, also on the other 2 cameras. Not just flat as expected from a raw file. Maybe the color profile needs some adjustment.

3) Incorporating the data from the TOF sensor into raw files would be great, to adjust a fake Bokeh effect freely and nondestuctive. Huawei probably is only going to use it with jpg files, you could be the first. Also exporting the depthmap as a separate file would be useful.

4) How about an additional shooting mode next to the HDR mode (which works great). You could take multiple raw files with the same exposure and combine them into one DNG file, reducing noise and increasing detail, a superresolution feature, would be great.
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Thank you for your enthusiasm for the Lightroom family of products. For your Ideas to gain more prominent notice and have maximum impact with the team, there are a few things you could do to help. I've noticed you've already posted item one as separate request. That's good!

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Thanks Rikk, it would also be great if Adobe separated out requests for new devices from the forums and gave us timeframes.

I'm sure it is a bug bear of Adobe's that every new device creates a myriad of requests on forums, and it is a bug bear of people that we know Adobe is unlikely to support the device for awhile (although I do note that LR is getting faster at that, for example the Canon RP is already supported).

I have a P30 Pro which is exceptional, but LR supports my old Samsung S8 far better than this newer more capable device.

Why not simply have a website where new devices are listed, people can vote and add comments, and then Adobe can mark next to each device "under review", "available in version 7.2", "no support", or similar. It would clean up the forums, give us more clarity, and probably save you a bunch of time. People could subscribe to be notified when their device will be supported.

If a device isn't supported other than via generic DNG, it would be nice to have a "user supported" place for people to share profiles that they've created.

If I knew for example that the next LR Classic will support the P30 Pro properly with device profiles, I won't bother editing my images now, and I'll wait for the next version. However if I know it'll never be supported, I will try make my own profile, and I'll cope with that. I'll probably share it somewhere. It's worse to not know, which is the state that Adobe leave people in now.
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it would be great if one day Lightroom will support the dng from the Huawei p30 pro because if never going to happen I will return the phone.
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Any news on this?
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Still no news about an update supporting the P30 ? At least the Ryyb support... Thanks !
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P30 Pro is now on the supported devices list, not sure the colors are 100% accurate but its a good start. The greenish tone if you brighten up the shadows is nicely compensated.

Still no support to choose other cameras in the LR photo mode (only the ultrawide is available).

Also jpgs with depth data aren't recognized in LR.