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I have downloaded the photoshop CC on a 30 trial period (which after four days confusingly says I have 7 days left) but haven't had the opportunity to try as my laptop doesn't have enough memory.    I have used 105gb from 148gb in general including PS.

I live in rural Norfolk so had to take into work to install from PS web.

I am not very knowledgeable about the behind the scenes of a laptop so can anyone tell me in very basic layman terms:

The memory I need to run plus extra?
Recommendation for a laptop that is best with PS but sadly have to say, that doesn't cost big amounts (happy to have a laptop just for this)?
Recommendation of where is the best place to purchase (PC World, Ebuyer...)?

I've been 30mins tonight trying to get further than Select - Focus Area... so have given up.

I am just unsure what to buy and with limited funds.

Any advice for a newbie would be appreciated.  

Thanks very much,

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Posted 2 years ago

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You need to upgrade both types of memory on the laptop, and you can do some of it yourself, but the place to start is RAM. It sounds as if you bought the most basic combination, which is often 4GB of RAM, meaning 4 GB of operating, volatile "memory" versus 148GB of "storage". Memory-RAM- is the stuff you can manipulate on the screen; Storage is the contents of the  hard drive. When you open a file onscreen, What you see on screen is now in the computer's Random Access Memory (RAM). When you close and save the file, it is saved to the Hard Drive (Storage). You will need more storage for Photoshop to use as a "scratch disk", that is, like a scratch pad, a place to store the changes you make to the image file while you work on it. Photoshop keeps a copy of every stage of the work, calls it "History", and enables you, the user, to vary the number of stages History keeps on file, through the Photoshop Preferences panel. But with 105GB out of 148GB already in use, you won't have many History states available. But mostly you need to cram as much RAM into the computer as you can afford to. You can always offload work in progress to a thumb drive or an external hard drive, but if there isn't enough RAM for Photoshop to open in the first place, it won't be able to construct an image the size of a US letter, with layers, type, adjustment layers, alpha channels, and 24-bit CMYK color. And even if you could open Photoshop, and open an image to work on, you would need to close it all down in order to check your email. The laptop will probably accommodate  2 memory modules, and they can be single or a matched pair. A single 8GB stick will cost around $40USD; a 16GB pair will cost around $80.  A 2.5" 500GB laptop hard drive can be had for around $50; a 240GB SSD drive for about $60. Start with the RAM. If you know one end of a screwdriver from the other, there are well-written DIY instructions online and in YouTube.
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If your laptop memory is troubling you then I will suggest you to HP Stream 11-inch Laptop which comes with Intel Celeron N4000 Processor, 4 GB RAM, 32 GB eMM at a really affordable price also there is one more option that you can upgrade the memory of your laptop. for more details visit - HP Support Assistant