Lightroom 5: Before image corruption due to soft proofing and auto creation of proof copy

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There is a thread in the forum under the Develop topic.

OK, so I have downloaded a new LR5 package and reinstalled it and get the same results. I have created a different, more definite, recipe which makes the results more apparent.

In the develop module:

1. Select a color image and choose the before/after mode.
2. Select b/w treatment.
3. Select soft proof ('s' or checking the box).
4. Select 'before' in the pull down menu.
5. Adjust sat in to a high number the split tone menu. This will create a strong magenta cast to the after image.
6. Choose to 'create a proof copy' in the popup.
7. Using the left arrow key, scroll to the original image.

At this point I would expect the proof copy to show a b/w image on the left and a colored copy on the right, as it does.

Using the left arrow key to scroll to the original image, I expect the image on the left to be the original color image and the right image to be the b/w image. But, the left image is the current image on the proof copy, that is, the split toned magenta image.

I also see a flash of the original image on the left for the original copy when scrolling back and forth from the original to the copy. This behaviour is apparent whether soft proofing is selected or not.

And, the net result is that the proper preview for the before is not available for the image being processed for other export.


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Posted 6 years ago

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I have been able to reproduce the problem. At first I thought it might be an OSX problem and not a Windows problem. I think all of us have been trying to really understand the steps necessary to replicate the problem

In Step 6 (above) I don't get the popup. (I may have dismissed this when it first appeared and selected automatic creation) OK
I have tested this in Windows (where I do get the popup) and in OSX 10.8

Your Step 7
7. Using the left arrow key, scroll to the original image
Actually scrolls to the previous image. Scrolling back the shows both a before and after images as magenta. i think you may be right about the bug. I think the bug is interpreting the switch using the left arrow key as a develop step when it is not. Therefore both the Before State and the Proof preview State are showing the magenta cast
i can replicate this in Windows too.

It is not necessary to re-import the original I can reset the image to the predevelop state and everything clears up. I can also revert to an earlier history step and the original image returns to that state. Creating the Magenta caste or B&W and not necessarily both are just mechanisms to demonstrate clearly the Before State and the Proof Preview states. I think this happens on more subtle changes too It is just not as noticeable.