Lightroom: Ability to batch process Photo Merge (HDR and panorama)

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Now that we have HDR inside Lightroom, with virtually no user input, the next step is surely a batch facility for a folder full of bracketed images.
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Posted 5 years ago

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Lightroom: (HDR/panoramas mainly) Automated Background Processing.

I know I should translate in english but I'm not in the mood :) So to sum-up, it'd be nice to be able to do an "list" of tasks as it exists on After Effect for instance for HDR and panoramas on LR.

Thus, for lanscape and espacially real-estate photographers, it will be a lot easier to let the computer do his work without being forced to stay in front of his lagging screen while it's working... 

There are other suggestions to improve automatc corrections with high and low lights for real estate and a few other things.


    Voici bien des années que j'utilise vos logiciels et notamment Light Room dont l'excellente qualité n'est plus à démonter. Je me permets néanmoins de vous contacter pour vous proposer quelques améliorations notables qui, selon moi, permettraient de le rendre encore plus attractif.

Ainsi, il serait bienvenu de pouvoir :

- Permettre de créer une "liste de tâches à effectuer" comme avec d'autres logiciels comme After Effect et lancer ensuite le travail pour laisser faire l'ordinateur (qui passe à la tâche suivante quand il rencontre un conflit) notamment pour les HDR et panoramas.

- Permettre de choisir un pinceau carré, y compris pour le correcteur de défauts.

- Permettre d'avoir l'équivalent du "lasso polygonal" comme dans Photoshop, avec un curseur pour régler le contour progressif comme dans la version actuelle.


J'ai comme profil, celui d'un photographe et vidéaste, exerçant notamment dans le paysage et dans l'immobilier où j'ai une certaine expérience. Or, je vous garantie que tout ceci, notamment pouvoir accumuler les tâches et laisser l'ordinateur travailler seul pendant un moment, représente un gain de temps précieux ! Comme avec les paysages, l'assemblage de photos en HDR est très fréquent et devoir rester devant l'ordinateur, dommageable.


Dans ce secteur particulier, celui de l'immobilier, voici ce que je vous recommande :

- Créer un "add-on" permettant une correction automatique et l'associer (au bon vouloir de l'utilisateur) à la création HDR (immobilière) pour automatiser les corrections avec notamment une bien meilleure gestion de la dynamique, des hautes lumières et garder la correction "faible" des HDR pour faciliter les versions à la main par des amateurs.

Il est fréquent en effet que la gestion automatique du HDR soit "moyenne" notamment au niveau des zones très éclairées et très sombres.

 Je serais ravi de pouvoir coopérer plus sérieusement avec vos services dans ce domaine qui prend une place de plus en plus importante parmi les professionnels photographes et je suis certain qu'une automatisation des tâches serait extrêmement bienvenu pour eux.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled automatic photo merge for every 9 exposures.

having a feature that would automatically merge every 9 photos for photographers that take the same number of multiple exposures and then have to merge them in lightroom manually
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Yes please add this feature. Would be an immense help.
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I am also interested in this feature, or atleaset access to the HDR via SDK.

Thank you.
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I know this is a familiar note but:  I am a real estate photographer.  Adding batch processing of HDR merges (as well pano merges for my more artistic endeavors) would be a HUGE help!
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+1 for batch pano and HDR processing. Agreed, finding a good UI is not as straightforward as what we have now, and the ability to continue working while the actual HDR or pano is being generated is good.

I'd see something like this:
  1. You select the pictures and start a command, like it is nowInstead of generating a preview, it "sends" it to a "in process" space (being a collection, dedicated GUI, ...)
  2. Does the number crunching for the preview in the background. A progress bar for each task would be cool
  3. Once the numers crunched, a dialog box as we know can be opened, or default values can be applied (I'm sure many people just apply all the checkboxes: auto, boundary wrap, stack ...)
  4. Number crunching again in background
  5. Output un a dedicated collection to keep things clear
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Still no batch mode in LR. Come on Adobe.
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Add my vote for this feature.

I think it could be implemented quite simply. Since we already have auto stack by time, which works reasonably well, we just need to be able to select all stacks and Merge HDR to create one DNG per stack. When more than one stack is selected, the Merge HDR dialog should appear and inform the user: "Photos will be merged per stack. You have selected ### stacks". Then the user sets the settings as appropriate, and the process starts. That would be the easiest solution.

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Official Response
With the release of Lightroom Classic 8.4 the ability to batch process HDR and Pano images is  not now available. 

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I'm assuming you mean "now available". This feature could be greatly improved for batch processing. If I have 50 brackets that I need to merge, do I really want to Stack all 50 manually? Can't Adobe create an option where all photos can selected for merging with a little popup asking how many photos per bracket and just automate the process from there? Other bracketing apps do this step automatically.
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You also asked this in a separate thread and I also answered it there, but for the sake of completeness: use auto-stacking by capture time. HDR series are usually shot with auto-bracketing, meaning that the capture time of each shot is very close to the capture time of the other shots. For panoramas this may be a little different, but it’s still worth a try too.
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Holy $#**! 4 days after I added my vote to this 4 year old feature request thread, we got it? I need to go buy a lotto ticket, I'm on a winning streak here....  :-D