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I think that is a great idea to be able to be linked to you ouwn catalogs, but fromwhat I have read on these community sites, is that Adobe have not done enough to give some clear, basic idea of how it can be used safely.

1) When you set up for first time, is the default to add all of your albums from your Catalog , or is there a setting? If so, how can I switch it off? (when I visited my site, I was shocked to see I have 9 pages of all my photo albums there)! I don't want to have them there!

2) Are all my albums automatically viewable to anyone visiting my site? I noticed each album has a "lock" icon on it; perhaps this indicates only I can view?

3) I paid for an extra 40GB of back up memory. Do my albums auomatically get loaded onto If so, that is wrong. I should have control of what goes onopt my site.

4) How can I remove 9 pages of albums quickly? ie not haviong to select groups of photos (can I delete an album fpr example)

5) If I call Adobe Tech Support, can they reset my site to being empty?

Thanks you,
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Hi Charles

Are you syncing from an Elements catalog, or are you uploading directly via

Either way, new albums you create a private by default. You have to enable shared access. Without purposely sharing albums, you see the padlock icon you mentioned. "Shared Album" is the basic level of sharing and requires people know the URL to your shared folder (eg., they open a link you send to them, or which is forwarded to them by your trusted friends and family). People who discover your gallery won't see these restricted shares. There's a more open sharing scheme that allows anyone who stumbles onto your gallery to view whatever albums you share openly. This is represented by the blue sharing icon and of you mouse over that you will see "Public Album."

FYI, when you are signed into your own account, you will see all your albums, shared or not, and this differs from what guests are able to see.

To answer your 3rd question, only albums you set up for sync in your Elements app will be uploaded to To check which albums are set up for Backup/Sync, open Preferences in the Elements Organizer, and then choose Backup and Sync Preferences. Note that only images and videos that exist in albums you choose to sync will be uploaded. Anything you want to upload must exist in an album. If you have images and video that exist outside of any Elements albums, those can not be synced.

When you're talking about deleting albums, do you mean in your desktop app or online? If you mean online, it is possible to manipulate a range of albums in the Online Organizer -- to do this, sign into your account on, and go to My Library -- this is what I mean by the Online Organizer. Use Shift+mouseclick or Ctrl+mouseclick to select multiple albums. (on Mac, try Cmd+Mouseclick) When deleting the online albums, images residing within them wont be deleted unless you tick the box specifying this.

If you're trying to clean out your online Organizer so you can begin syncing from scratch from your desktop Elements, I recommend:
--disable sync of the albums listed in your Element Backup and Sync preferences
--use My Library (online Organizer) to view all your online albums; use the method I just mentioned to select multiple albums, and then choose delete albums + delete photos within the albums
--give this time to process. It takes the server a long time to delete images, especially if you're deleting thousands.
--if you somehow have photos leftover online, go to My Library > All Photos and Videos, and use Shift+mouseclick or Ctrl+mouseclick to select the images, and then click on Delete.

If this doesn't go smoothly do not worry.. As long as you have your desktop Elements catalog in good shape, we can clean up the online side of things.

If you have other questions, please post back so someone can chime in to help.