Lightroom CC: Badge Overlays on Thumbnails in Grid View

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Please can 'Badge Overlays' in Grid View as available in Lightroom Classic and Lightroom on the web be brought to the new Lightroom CC client?  This will make it a LOT easier to review picked and rejected photos in context of the rest of the album.
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Which badges do you need it to show? The Square Grid view shows flags and stars already, if that helps.
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Flags and stars are all I'm looking for and yes, good point they do appear in Square Grid view ... I'm really not a fan of that one though as the thumbnails are so small...

It would be much better if the badge overlays could be made available (with a toggle to turn them on and off) in the Photo Grid view (much like in the web version).
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Lightroom CC: Allow grid view options to show file name, date, etc on thumbnails.

It's great that sidecar jpg's now show in Lightroom CC, but it's difficult to tell which are raw and which are jpg in the list without selecting every photo and looking at the info pane.

Could be solved by being able to filter by file type, or marking them in some way.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Add edit tags to Lightroom CC thumbnails.

It would be great to bring over a feature from Lightroom Classic to CC which enables a small tag to be added to thumbnails once the image has been edited. At the moment I don't have any visual way of knowing if any image from my library has been edited other than filtering by picks, which in a hurry isn't ideal. 
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Lightroom CC for iPad / Lightroom Mobile: Thumbnail Badges - Specifically Image A....

Please add the image adjustment thumbnail badge to Lightroom mobile cc. It would help identify which images have been adjusted. This would be specifically helpful when importing collections from Lightroom classic or cc so that we know a certain image has been adjusted and indentify what images need work
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Thumbnail icon indicating that picture has been worked on/color corrected.

Hello, Am I the only 1 that thinks it's crazy not to have some kind of "graded Icon" over each picture thumbnail simply just letting them know that picture have been color corrected alert. Ie if it had a a rainbow over the top of each thumbnail, indicating that shot has been worked on. That would make it easier to see what needs to be worked on and what hasn't , instead of going through each shot. If you're going through 4500 shots, this would help. 
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I'm amazed I cannot find more about this. I'd like to see a lot more identifying stuff being displayed, such as what images are a copy of an original, the filetype (iOS has this), and as mentioned an 'edited' badge.

If not on a badge, then at least much more information shown in the info panel - there's a lot more space there to put everything, why not the keywords too?

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I fully agree. These are very very very basic essentials. And while you are at it, also give me badges on the photos themselves (when in detail view). A text block on one of the photo corners that gives me basic info about the shot, things like ISO, aperture, filename and what not. I can't believe these essentials haven't been carried over from Lightroom Classic. 

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Please add the same  badge options as Classic... Whether an image has edits for example.