Bridge CS6: problems with AVCHD support

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Bridge CS6 does not properly support AVCHD video.

I am unable to add metadata or keywords to AVCHD video files in Bridge.

If I add metadata to AVCHD video files in Premiere or Prelude, Bridge does not see this metadata.

More information can be found in my thread at

Can this be fixed?
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Josh Weiland

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Posted 8 years ago

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Blair Richmond

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This is a big issue for me as well. I would love to see Bridge being used as a tool for the Adobe Post Production workflow.
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Chris Burrows

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I am having the same issue and totaly support Josh Weiland's request.
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Sitka Dude

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After many hrs of trying to create an efficient AVCHD (MTS) workflow within CS6, I was extremely upset to find that Bridge simply did not support this. The ability to add meta data to original clips is crucial. I find it hard to believe this is an issue given the main stream use of AVCHD.

I sincerely hope this can be dealt with
Photo of Hartmut Scherer

Hartmut Scherer

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Is there any workaround for adding meta data to MTS files in Bridge CS6?
Photo of Andreas Urra

Andreas Urra

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Is there any alternative to have a kind of Digital Asset Management for Video within the Adobe software? Premiere allows only to search within the project, so Bridge was my hope for metadata management and as search tool for video assets.
Photo of Patrick Taber

Patrick Taber

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Another vote for AVCHD support in Bridge. I've really gotten used to using metadata templates in my still photography workflow and expected it to "just be there" for video. I am sad...
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Chiming in to support this request.

Here's what I think many of us are trying to do:
1) Tag footage in an Adobe product.

2) Have that metadata follow the media to whatever other Adobe product we are using.

3) Allow users to search using that metadata to locate clips. This means a user with no NLE and just Bridge will be able to see, find, and ID clips just as easily as an editor importing assets into Premiere could see that data and search by it.

----- One more request, less important that the above 3 --------
I want that metadata to stay attached to the file, even during an encode by Adobe Media Player.

So that when I go to upload that video to a web service that can recognize, hunt, search, and categorize by metadata I don't have to do any additional work. The metadata is embedded into the file and stays there. Sidecar files are also OK but the embedding is easier for the average layperson to use.
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James Smith

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I agree Kiralhammond!!!
A way to manage video assets from 1 program " possibly bridge " and have all other adobe programs recognize it's stored metadata - even through upload.
Photo of Jary Nemo

Jary Nemo

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Better late than never.

I'm adding my voice and vote for this feature. Would like to be able to use the metadata features of Bridge on AVCHD files
Photo of Eferos Masopias

Eferos Masopias

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Me too, I have a plenty of MTS file and I use Bridge to catalogue and put metadata on it.
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Jacob Lambert

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Is there an update to this issue? I am in the same boat...want to be able to open up bridge with thousands of video clips and sort by keywords, much like I think many here are trying to do. Short of transcoding all the raw footage I have (and therefore making a second otherwise useless copy), I don't see a resolution. I am very surprised to learn this is not possible.