Automatic changes in the backup photos.

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When I import photos to Lightroom I make a backup copy to an external hard drive and that's easy. But when I start editing and rating and deleting them, those changes will not automatically apply to my backups. This means that my backup catalog is sort of out of date immediately. So it would be nice to have LR to apply those changes in two or more destinations simultaneously. That would keep my backup catalog up to date all the time. 
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And when you accidentally select and delete all your files? Poof! There goes your backup. Probably not a good idea.
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You already have a “backup catalog”, which you can set to do every time you quit LR. It doesn’t “apply changes” to your photos, it’s non-destructive editing so your originals are not affected, it only keeps a list of your changes. Move your backup to the same path as the ones you normally edit, and they will “get the edits”!!
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In other words, pointless.
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If you use something like One Drive as your file store the changes to your local copy would be synced to the cloud in the background.  You should of course, backup your catalog on exit to get the best of both worlds.
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If you have WIndows 10, right-click on the parent folder of your photos and select "include in library". Then select "create new library" and name it something logical to you. Then go into Control Panel and turn on File History. Make sure you create your File History on drive with a LOT of free space. Windows will now make a continual copy of everything  in Lightroom for you.

Or... just back up now and then.
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The whole idea of a backup system is that it does NOT change anything in the backup automatically when you are working with the originals. There isn't a backup system in rhe world that does this, and for good reasons. If you make a fatal mistake, like thinking you are deleting a single image, only to find out too late that you had hundreds of images selected, then you don't want that to happen to your backup as well.

Because edits in Lightroom are stored in the catalog, they are not 'applied' anyway. You simply have to make regular catalog backups to safeguard your edits, and Lightroom already offers this option. By default, that backup is created in rhe same folder as your catalog however. That is not a good idea, because that means you will lose both if you have a disk failure. So if possible, select a different disk in the backup dialog box. Or backup everything with Windows Backup or MacOS Time Machine.
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Sorry to say this but you clearly don't understand how LR, and the LR catalog, works.
First LR never changes your image files. All changes you may make are stored in the Catalog file and Not in the image. If you have the options selected to "Auto Write Changes to XMP" and to "Include Develop Settings in metadata inside JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and PSD files" (both found in the Catalog Settings dialog on the Metadata tab) then for RAW files a XMP file will be created next to the original RAW (Or in the case of DNG files in a Special place inside the DNG file But NOT changing the original data of the RAW image) and inside those other file types again in a Special section of the file that does not change the original file.
But even if those options are turned on all edits, changes, made to any image in the LR catalog will be stored in the Catalog files as well.
The backups you make are just that Backups of the Original File.
Since LR never changes the original file you could use the File Manager program for your OS and Delete all your main images and then Copy the Backups over to the original file location and LR wouldn't know the difference.
What you are asking for can't happen because LR has No Knowledge of those Back Up files that were created using the Make Second Copy option in the import dialog. That second copy is never imported into the LR Catalog and LR only knows about images that are imported into the Catalog file.

I suggest you do some reading and or viewing of online tutorial on how LR actually works and how to properly work with LR.
This will save you many hours of possible frustration and loss of image files in the future.