Lightroom: auto sync improvements 3 options (it's better in ACR)

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Auto sync in lightroom seems to be quirky. It doesn't always sync my changes even with auto sync turned on which I can't figure out.

I personally liked the way sync and auto sync work in ACR... Auto sync is always on, but there is also an option to sync All changes to a new photo. In lightroom I'm ALWAYS having to click between autosync and regular sync.

I would be happy with one of these three options, and I think it would help speed up others workflow.

#1 When auto sync is turned on have a hotkey that will turn off auto sync and allow regular sync. EX: auto sync is on - hold control to to switch back to regular sync temporarily

#2 When auto sync is disabled have a hot key that would allow you to autosync which ever adjustment you are currently making. Ex: hold "S" while you move the exposure slider and it would autosync .... otherwise autosync is turned off.

#3 add another button... EX. autosync is on, and there is another button for regular sync (like in ACR)
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Posted 7 years ago

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Would be cool if could help track down when/where the auto sync doesn't work. On my system, auto sync works with all the controls, as do the manual sync. Is there a specific control (slider, checkbox, popup, etc.) that isn't syncing?

I am wondering if you are being misled by something like trying to sync "as shot" white balance.
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Try local adjustments, Eric!
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no - not "as shot" white balance... been there, done that.

Let's say that you have a group of photos where you would like to sync just one of the sliders. You select all (with auto sync on), and then move the slider on the "correct" photo off then back to its original position.

This should sync that slider of all the selected photos.... I mistakenly thought this didn't work... but turns out it works, just quite slowly. You have to let the slider sit on a new value for a second or two until you move it back to the original value or it won't register and sync all the photos.

I just recently migrated from ACR to the 4.1 RC2 and I'm not used to the lag... but that's a different issue.

There is something very strange when trying to sync lens correction settings. For example: I like to use the default lens geometric distortion correction, but turn off the vignette correction. I have all the files (multiple different lenses) set to the "default" ... but when I then move the vignette slider it changes all the lens profiles instead of just changing the vignette. So then you have a bunch of files with the wrong lens profile attached to them.