Lightroom: Auto-import- Ability to prevent LR from jumping to last picture

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When using auto import (photo's being uploaded through FTP to the watched folder), Lightroom always jumps to the latest photo when it imports a new one.

This is very annoying when showing pictures to customers at events. Since people will line up to see their pictures with my assistant at the laptop, and meanwhile I keep taking pictures, the assistant always has to search for the customers pictures again since Lightroom jumps to the latest imported picture.
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It's nice as is too, in case one wants to see new arrivals, but the option to prevent the jump would be nice too.

Perhaps this should be a feature request / Idea?
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Hi Alex,

A good request, thanks. In the meantime, I have a workaround for you. In playing around with it just now, I notice that whether or not the selection auto-advances depends on what view you're in. If you're in loupe view, the selection auto-advances. If you're in grid view, it does not.

The selection also does not auto-advance in Survey view. So, as a workaround, you can select a single photo, and enter survey view (forth button from the left on the toolbar, or press "N", while in Library). With only one photo selected, survey view looks essentially like loupe view, so you can show photos to clients in this manner.

If you need to make develop adjustments to those photos while showing them to the client, that gets trickier, because the selection auto-advances when you're in the Develop module. But you can do basic develop adjustments in survey view in Library using the Quick Develop panel.

Also note that you can enable and disable auto-import. A bit of a pain, I realize, but might be better than having the selection jump around. Go to File>Auto Import>Enable Auto Import. Disable it when you don't want the selection to change. Then reenable it when you're ready to move on, and whatever has been put in the auto-import folder in the meantime will all come in.

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Current situation: LR4.3 may grab an image out of your develop editing hands, when
* you are working inside a watched folder and have auto-import on, and a new file arrives
* you are working from a smart collection "images have no adjustments", which is no longer true after the first move of a slider

This is very annoying and contrary to the purpose.
I request that only the user releases an image from current develop editing, either by selecting a different image or changing out of develop module.
No automatic mechanism should be allowed to do that!

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Lightroom: Develop module: never auto-dismiss current image.
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Cornelia, your FR contains two related, but separate issues. For the second problem, vote or comment here:
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When shooting wireless and enabling a watch folder, it's impossible to edit images in the Develop module as new images are imported, because the focus repeatedly switches to the last imported photo, even when you're using adjustment brushes.
The Auto-Import feature NEEDS the option to 'lock' the focus on the current image even when new images are being imported from the watch folder.

"Tethered Import" has the option to disable auto-advance selection so that you aren't switched to the last image imported while you're trying to edit a previous image. This feature needs to be implemented in the Auto-Import (Watched Folder) method too.

Shooting some events 'tethered' is not a viable option - but the tethered import has this feature. Auto-Import enables 'wireless' tethering, but while someone else is shooting while you're trying to edit renders the feature impractical in it's current state.

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Option to 'lock' focus on current photo during Auto-Import.
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Ottomanic Importer solves this problem.