Auto Flood Fill brush mode OR Mirror the Lasso

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Love the new mirror paint feature! Super cool and it's great you can use your own paths with it.

Suggested improvement: I see that it's not possible to use the lasso with it. I believe lots of digital painters use the lasso as "another brush".

Why? Well, it's the fastest way to create a shape and flood fill it. For example, Dice Tsutsumi and Robert Kondo demo this frequently in their Color and Light course on Schoolism. Painting with the lasso in Photoshop results in digital, hard edged shapes. The selection shapes can be controlled/carved out of by using Alt/Option.

So what we're accomplishing by using the lasso to paint is to rapidly paint a shape and have the interior of it filled with solid color. It would be an improvement to have that available in Symmetrical painting. There a couple of ways I can see to get at that.

One would be to allow using lasso/fill selections with live sym in addition to the brush tools. 

A second approach, which also improves upon general painting functionality, could be an added paint mode when using brush tools that automatically fills the interior of what you painted. Photoshop could watch the input and treat it as though you're drawing + lassoing and when the mouse/pen comes up, everything that was "Inside" of the stroke gets filled This way you can craft an edge with a brush tool AND get a quick flood fill.

Currently if I draw with one of Kyle's brushes or anything with anti-alias for instance and I want the inside of that shape filled, I may switch to use the Fill tool. The aliasing gets in the way and I don't get a clean fill, unless I've got the tolerance tweaked just right. I can switch to the lasso but then I've got to select around the inside border. And then I need to toggle back to the brush. So in all, I'm getting slowed down by the process. This tool juggling is something a digital painter may do 100 times or more in a 10 minute period as they're exploring silhouettes. If a Brush drawing can also close the loop and commit a solid shape, we can do some crazy-fast work of the sort that only a computer could enable.

Thanks for the great work on this new release!
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