Lightroom CC: Ability to geotag photos

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I'm probably at the low end of the prosumer category when it comes to photography. I've been using Lightroom for a couple of years. I love the multiple platform feature on the new CC, but geotagging images has always been important for me (enough so that onboard GPS is a mandatory feature when I look for a camera). I had been adding locations to older images in what's now CC Classic. 

Are we going to get that ability in the new CC? 

Even more importantly, will the new AI-based search allow us to do things like pull pictures based on location? And, if so, will we be able to do things like define a radius? This was all possible when we had the maps panel, but seems to be challenging now.
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Yes please, this is so annoying. 12€ per month and this killer feature is still missing.
Horrible workflow, if you want to edit your raws on you iPad Pro but before have to import on PC/Mac + use Geotagger on PC/Mac.
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Desperately searching for Geotagging app alternatives. Found „cascable“ (main feature is remote control for camera + download to mobile device), but raw import from SD / iPad storage doesn‘t work...
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So i wanted a place to store all my photos and have some extra benefits. I used to have google photos and that does faces, locations even scans the photos for items like beach/cloud/house etc names. Now i'am missing the most important feature. Showing a map of where the photo's where taken. It is easy to find back to pictures you stored. I don't mind paying the few bucks but i didn't even blink to think something so trivial isn't there. You already show the geo tags with a picture so why can't i search or have a map of the world to see those locations? Does no tool has the holy grail these days. Just sync multiple devices, locally too when needed and have faces/tags/geo/object scanning etc..
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Just a text description of a location is not only insufficient, but also not working. You type in location name, City and Country (Prague, Czechia, Europe) and you get minimap ignoring it and showing even wrong continent (Somewhere in Salvador, central America). After clicking on it, it opens google maps with mostly accurate result. This is just mess.

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Map feature /geo tagging.

I really would like to have a geo tagging feature on LR CC.
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Now I adopted my workflow: First edit in LR mobile on iPad, then geotag the synced cloud-stored pictures in LR Classic.
If I now open the pictures in LR mobile again, I do net see geotag informations. And when I export the pics from LR mobile, even with active export geotag information checkbox, the exported jpgs do not include GPS data. So I have to export from LR Classic on my desktop. Annoying..
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You have to start with importing the photos to LR Classic and geotag them there. Then sync to the cloud. This method will allow the geo-tagging to be retained in the cloud based apps.

This is the way I do it, and it works. But it's not ideal for people who don't use LR Classic as their main editing application.
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I'd like to +1 this thread. Adding GPS to my photos is an essential part of my process. I won't be able to fully move to Lr CC until it's added more fully.