Are there plans to phase out Lightroom CC?

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Are there plans to phase out Lightroom Classic?  Many professionals are concerned that just like the phase out after LIghtroom 6, that Lightroom CC will replace Classic.  As a professional, I have many concerns abut moving to a cloud based service.  In addition, a cloud based service is unnecessary because I already pay for a more extensive backup service.
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Posted 2 years ago

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Absolutely not! 

Lightroom Classic CC continues to receive development for performance and new features.  Lightroom CC is a completely different product for a completely different audience - an audience that, heretofore Adobe had no complete solution.  

As long as people keep subscribing to Lightroom Classic CC it will remain a viable developed project. Now, if the world suddenly all moved to Lightroom CC instead, that might change. I doubt that happening any time soon as the pro audience who needs Lightroom Classic CC today and those who outgrow the Lightroom CC featureset  tomorrow will continue to provide Lightroom Classic CC a robust existence. 

If the cloud-based isn't for you, continue to use Lightroom Classic CC with confidence. 
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Adobe didn't Phase Out LR 6. It is still available for sale, AFAIK.
It just doesn't get any new updates.
I don't see Adobe ending the Traditional version of LR. To many Pro and amateur photographers use it and subscribe to the Photographers subscription plan. They wish that many or more subscribed to the New Cloud Centric version LR CC.
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Nobody can (or will) tell you that, but it is very unlikely that this would happen any time soon. Maybe one day Adobe decides that Lightroom CC is mature enough to replace Lightroom Classic, but by then it's also likely that they have added a 'selective sync' option to Lightroom CC, so you can decide whether or not you want to store some, all, or no images in the cloud.
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don't forget that also lightroom classic is in a way cloud based. From what I can see in the so far available LR CC on my iPad this program is far from replacing the "classic" LR. If they would force a LR CC as replacement für Classic upon us, they would be risking their reputation as a serious software provider for professionals
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It's not normal for a company to make new software and give it the name of the old software unless they plan to retire the old software. One way to indicate that would be to rebrand the old software Classic so we all get used to thinking of it as the Old program. When the New program is finally debugged and enhanced enough to replace the Old program in a practical manner, the Old program will no longer be supported. It's inevitable. They might say they have no plans to do that because it's not possible to make those plans until the New software is completed.

I don't want to store all my photographs on someone else's computer (ie, "the cloud"), but I can see the benefit in being able to access a chosen subset of images on a variety of devices.

LightRoom should have remained LightRoom and been given a module that could access cloud storage for selected files.

I remember a coding meeting long ago where one programmer said, "I know a much more difficult way to do that" -- perhaps he works at Adobe now.