Lightroom/Camera Raw: Anamorphic Lens Support

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I shoot video using the Red Epic camera, which shoots super high resolution video. I often pull high-res photos from the camera and use them in Lightroom. However, I'm hoping to add a feature that supports anamorphic lenses. These lenses shoot natively-stretched pixels. Meaning, the images are stretched vertically 2:1. It's a classic way to shoot movies, and I wish Lightroom supported a way to select the pixel aspect ratio so the images can be viewed undistorted. Currently, I have to stretch them in Photoshop and export. Which is a bummer because the Red Camera's raw files are supported in LR, and I would love to use those files straight from the camera rather than make new ones. Anyone else agree?
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it will be great if we can process anamorphic pictures with Lightroom. to correct a squeeze factor of x2 or x1,33.
my workflow here needs to process each file through Photoshop.
not a difficult feature to implement as a cursor exist in lens correction but it's too restrictive
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It looks like a pretty easy fix because Lightroom already has it part-way built in. In DEVELOP, under LENS CORRECTIONS > MANUAL the ASPECT slider only reaches -100. If it were to reach -500 people using any anamorphic lens could correct their aspect ratio very quickly in LR instead of the laborious and time consuming third party options. Please do this Adobe!!
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I second this. Especially for the Lightroom Mobile (iOS app)
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Just adding my +1 to this request. It would be lovely to be able to correct a 2x horizontal squeeze. Cheers.
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I would love to add that a 1.5x would be useful, too. Would love this feature!
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Me too!
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With anamorphic lenses now even available for mobile phone cameras (Moondog / Moment) I would very much lke to see this across all flavours of Lightroom