Am I the only one who would like to be able to assign more than one color label on a pic?

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Perhaps not everyone needs this but I often need to make several different groupings which often share some of the same photos. I would really like to use the color labels to help me with this but currently it is restricted to one only.
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Posted 3 years ago

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It may help your case if you explain why you need to use color labels for this kind of grouping rather than collections, which are designed for the task.
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Imagine I have one folder per shoot (or rather per holiday) I use color labels thus:

yellow: everything that has to be stacked or merged (pano/hdr)

blue: everything thatgoes on a collage

purple: going on flickr (and it stays purple so I don't accidentally change the development settings, the "mark as final version would come in handy there...)

red: usually to be rejected and deleted later on (in combination with flags, just as a reminder and point of discussion with the SO: I want to delete this picture, we have tons of duplicates of that view don't you think?)

green: somethingorother, usually "needs to be edited"

I can see usecases where I would need multiple color labels per image: An HDR that goes on flickr, but still has to be processed. Collage material awainting processing.

If I were to make collections for every thing I have to consider I loose the overview the library's grid gives me. I see images in their context (order by capture time mostly) and have means to identify their properties more visually than with let's say keywords.
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Lightroom currently frames the thumbnail with the label colour.  I like this as it makes the thumbs stand out.  How would this work if the thumb could be multiple colours?  

While I understand where you are coming from, what you are asking for is open ended.  You would need a large number of colours to cover all user's use cases.  Even if you don't need more colour options, I guarantee someone else will.  Ratings and Labels are designed to be one-to-many.  Keywording is designed to be many-to-many.  This is what keywording was invented to do.  

Since I really doubt this is going to change any time soon I suggest you consider working with keywords and smart collections.  
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The way I'd see multiple colour labels work is as follow: The thumbnail gets the first colour label assigned. When adding more the inner frame gets the additional colours (as seen when you select a photo with a colour label) Simple enough to implement ,can't see why they wouldn't do it. I work with several collaborators on shoots and I need to create selections of photos associated with each of them. Therefore many photos are often shared each of those collection. Using colour labels is quick, easy and the most efficient way for me to create those sub collection (which are always already inside a smart collection or regular collection) and gives me the ability refer to them quickly without leaving my viewing area.
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Maybe just give us double the number of colors that we can make represent what we want. I know I've asked for that before. The number is simply too few in LR/PS/Bridge. Double won't cover everything we could come up with, but it gives us some extra colors for temporary assignment.