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Please add Advanced Search Options: Search Exemptions and Sensei toggle.- Search exemptions would be great to help me drill down to the photo I am looking for. I have over 80,000 pics that I'm migrating to the creative cloud and they are all heavily tagged and star rated. Its great to be able to search for, as an example, a picture of me and my wife. That function works well by searching for our names but often it would be nice to exempt pictures that have our kids also if I just want one as a couple to show up.- Sensei search results are COOL but sometimes I would like to just see photos based off my keyword tags (I have lots). A toggle button and an indicator in the search results of which pics are being displayed via sensei would be great.Feel free to utilize my large pool of family pics for testing purposes!
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  • excited about Lightroom CCs direction

Posted 2 years ago

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Great ideas Tyler, especially on search exclusions.

For your keyword only searches, try typing keyword: and then the keyword for example, keyword:cat. That should work in the very latest desktop releases.
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I would also add another comment for search exemptions. We definitely need a 'not' option.

Similarly to Tyler, I am re-managing all my images since migrating from Classic to CC, but it can be a lot of clicking and thinking about workarounds to get selections of images.

For example, I have a lot of B&W conversions that I haven't keyworded properly in Classic, as you could search on the 'Treatment' header. But in CC I have to keyword them all instead. I've been working through my collection trying to re-keyword, and using simple 'colour' and 'monochrome' keywords to separate the treatments.

I eventually worked out a procedure using the 'Pick' function, to display different sets (using 'Picked' or 'Unpicked', then unsetting the pick when done), but is it rather tedious, and can be quite a slow process when you select a few thousand images. It'd be really handy to be able to just select all images 'not including B&W treatment' (or keyword), for example.

Being able to deselect the Sensei search might be handy if you're offline, as search doesn't work at all if your not connected to the Internet. If Search could at least use local metadata as well, such as file extensions, existing keywords etc., that could be very useful.

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Yes, I too have my photos “heavily” keyworded. Being able to toggle Sensei on and off would be great.!!!
Search exclusions makes me think of Smart Collections! Please, Smart Collections!!!
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I would like to be able to search for photos that contain only a specific set of people as well, where those people were detected by the new face detection feature recently added in the 2.0 release. I recently received a request to provide all the photos of two specific people with each other, with no one else in the photos but those two. Unfortunately, I just have to search for the one person who is in the least number of photos overall, and then manually search through those results for photos of that person with the other person and no one else. When searching for both, the search is effectively "Person A OR Person B". Ideally, I could search for something like "ONLY(Person A AND Person B)"
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This does need improving. It's a basic requirement for any data base which is going to be searched.

My workaround for now is to search for the first person, make an album of those and select that album, then select the next person and again make an album of those etc etc until I have my selection with only the people I want.
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Sorry. My last suggestion doesn't work as suggested. As mentioned by others there is the need for 'NOT' or 'ONLY' searches (amongst other search terms).