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I often find myself wanting to insert several keywords at once. Lightroom has several ways to do this already, but some collections of keywords come up so often that I want Lightroom to be able to remember them and apply them with a single hotkey.

Keyword Sets are ideal for this, but currently, each box can only hold one keyword. I would like to be able to use commas the same way other keyword text input boxes in the UI allow.


blue, jeans
sepia, tinted
blonde, woman
deck, boat


1. blue can apply to too many things to allow you to just put it underneath jeans. Even if you could, Lightroom misbehaves when you denormalize your keyword hierarchy that way. And even if it didn't, normalization is good data hygiene anyway.

2. This feature doesn't have to be used only for an adjective and a noun, it could be two adjectives that produce a compound descriptor. You might not want to put sepia under tinted < photograph < style because you might also want to describe a light brown seamless photo background as sepia.

3. Here, blonde not only modifies woman, it also implies it, because the word is only used in the feminine sense in English. Thus, these two keywords should always be applied as a pair. A photo tagged blonde but not woman is either incorrectly-tagged (i.e. it could be a photo of a guy) or incompletely-tagged.

4. There are many different kinds of decks. To one whose day job is taking pictures of boats, tagging a photo with deck almost certainly implies boat, but she might occasionally wish to tag photos of the backyard barbecue she held on the deck < outdoor < place last week, too; you remember, the party she invited us to where several of the adults crowded around a card table to play poker (deck < cards < games), while the urchins annoyed them by ripping close by them on their skateboards (deck < skateboarding < sports)? Yeah, fun times.
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