Photoshop: All changes to default behaviors in new releases need option toggles and FTUE blocker dialogs

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Please, please, please add a "Legacy settings" preference toggle somewhere any time default behavior is changed for a tool or commonly used UX paradigm in a software release.

Additionally, add a blocking dialog on startup which calls out this change and has the opt-out checkbox available. The current external "What's New" web page is insufficient education.

This is most prevalent in Photoshop recently, but affects all Adobe software generally.

Examples of changes that were extremely disruptive to common users (forums exploded with questions and complaints):

Changing the move tool default behavior for auto-select
Select and mask "workspace"

Changing the shift-to-lock-aspect-ratio behavior of the transform
Click-to-commit on transform tool
Click-to-edit on text

I love that Adobe continues to innovate and re-examine long established and potentially out-dated UX and UI. It is just very important that consideration for long time users is also a priority.
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Posted 2 years ago

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All three of the changes you listed for 2019 have caused me no end of grief. I personally see little benefit in the reasoning for the changes and the new behavior of these tools was poorly thought out. I do wish Adobe would focus on developing new additions to photoshop rather than messing with things that don’t need changed. I have been excited about the new “real photoshop “ for iPad, but after the release of cc2019 I fear it will be yet another letdown,as I cannot imagine a workable version without keyboard shortcuts, and honestly we all know how limited the the upcoming app appears to be.
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I've already recommended a Startup Assistant/Wizard for first run that would walk a user through the changes and allow setting them.
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Great idea David
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I would like also to add these changes to that how keys (don't) work anymore:

CC 2018/19 / WIN key:

CC 2015/15,5/17/18/19: / F key & Ctrl (Shift) Tab

(in the second topic the second of 2 changes I mentioned started in CC 2018)
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Please also talk with teams across other CC apps so we get consistency. 

e.g. SHIFT to constrain is such a fundamental change to the way ALL graphics apps work, and changing it requires you to make it CC-wide, announce it properly, and provide a one-click fallback.

Making a fundamental change like this, and the way it's been done, is arrogant. Arrogance breaks commercial trust and we already have more than enough arrogance to deal with in the form of Apple.
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it's not company - customer relation anymore by any means, but more like:

Angry and Arrogant Antique Absolute Autocrats against Amorphous Ants :/

Something like Ancient Grecian Gods versus weak humans with their fate!

We need our Prometheus, and maybe not new Ps, but new Pr application!
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Exactly my opinion on this as well! Well said :-bd
Why try to recreate the wheel if it's not broken (dated)?
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The very fact this has to exist as something to be 'voted' for is a testament to Adobe's failure to be aware of users and their needs.
This is a given.
There is no need for us to click a 'Me too' button. There should not be.
This is a given.
What is so hard to understand?

What is hard to understand is why we are slinging money to be treated like fools.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Option to keep old tool behavior.

Even after reading the release notes (something I don't have time to do) the changes to tool behavior is costly in a production environment. For long-time pros, many of the traditional tool behaviors are now muscle memory, and looking up why something isn't working correctly is time-consuming (and expensive when on deadline). 

For new releases, can you include a checkbox option to keep old tool behavior? Thee was a note on start up for the change in undo, but not other UI changes. I feel like Adobe's CC team has forgotten what it means to use these products on deadline. In my case, one person on the team upgraded, so everybody had to do it for compatibility, and now lots of behavior are changed, slowing me down and making deadlines hard to hit.
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The amount of money I'm required to pay for an ongoing CC subscription /vs/ the inconvenience and annoyance caused by the majority of Adobe Photoshop's new "features" is really getting under my skin. There is not a single improvement in PS 2019 that's worth the workflow-stopping annoyances and bugs introduced (IMO). Does Adobe think that possible future iPad Photoshop users will outnumber desktop users? Do we, the pros who use PS the most, have to change our muscle memory and accept inconvenient, roundabout methods just so that iPad users have a simpler multi-touch experience that's somewhat consistent with the desktop? 
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Agreed Mike Berson. It’s becoming harder and harder to not lash out at Adobe over this. I won’t use the new version until it’s changed, but if Adobe refuses to hear us I will have some hard choices to make about what I will use. They will only support the old versions for so long and are currently trying to get me to update the last version which terrifies me as I don’t know what the update may screw up. For now, I remain on hold with the last version.