Elements: PSE V8 -> V12 catalog conversion, editing with V12 often results in a wrong Time

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I converted my large PSE V8 Catalog to V12.

After the conversion, with V12 I edited into Versionsets some jpeg photo files that I had already imported into the V8 Catalog (before it got converted to V12).

For some of these edited versions, the Time shown/set by the PSE V12 Organizer within the Photo-Bin (below the photo-Thumbnail) is wrong. With V12 the edited Version and the Original Version of the same photo have often not the same time. On my PC, for the edited Version of the Photo: the Time shown/set by the V12 Organizer is often off by two hours. As a result the Photo Thumbnails are not shown anymore by the Organizer in the correct Time-Sequence (instead showing the Photos in Time-Sequence is based on the wrong Time set by V12). With Large catalogs, when shooting for example 100 photos within 2 hours, I therefore totally lose the overview of my photos.

With V8, I had no such problem. With V8, after an Edit, the edited Version always had the same (and correct) time as the original photo.

After making some detective Work, I noticed that the problem happens with those jpeg Fotofiles that i have shot in another Timezone as the Timezone of my Home (in Switzerland). Typically when I travel abroad to another Timezone, I forget (or do not care) to change the time setting of my Nikon D5000 camera. Therefore, after importing my Photos into the PSE catalog, I have to adapt the Time of my photos. I do that in the PSE Organizer with "Edit--> Adjust Date and Time". Until PSE V8, I had no problem with that.

But after the conversion of my PSE V8 Catalog to V12, when editing with V12 a photo file that i had imported into the V8 Catalog and for which I had adapted with V8 the Time: PSE V12 sets wrongly the time of the edited version.

What I have seen so far on my PC: it is by 2 hours, that the time is wrong.
Why 2 hours?
• Because this is the Time-difference between Central European Summer Time (this is the summer time in my home country of Switzerland) and Greenwhich mean time?
• Or is because this is twice the difference between Central European "Non-Summer" Time and Greenwhich Mean Time (i.e. instead of adding 1 hour to Greenwhich Mean Time, PSE V12 substracts 1 hour – I believe to remember that an earlier PSE Version had a similar problem that had been meanwhile fixed)

I made some additional tests: In V12 I used the PSE V12 Organizer for "A Shift by set number of hours (time zone adjust)" first by setting the time "Ahead" by two hours and then by setting the time "Back" by two hours. After doing that, the problem did not showed up anymore in the few Edit Tests that I have done so far..

But...I have (without counting the multiple versions within Versionsets) around 50'000 cataloged files. And in order to get rid of the problem, I have to expand individually each Versionset, in order to appply the "Ahead by two hours" and "Back by two hours" to each Version within the Versionset.. Doing all that "manually" is much too error-prone. What is needed is either a fix or a reliable Adobe-provided program that will correct what is recorded in the V12 Catalog.

Meanwhile, I made the following additional tests:
1) For a recent photo that is cataloged in the V8 catalog and that I shot in California, i did not correct with PSE V8 the Time by 8 hours. Instead, after the conversion from V8 to V12, it is with the V12 Organizer that I corrected the Time. .....This did not resulted later on (when editing that photo and saving the result of the edit) in problems
2) I imported into PSE V12 from my Windows Folder, a photo that I had shot in California. Then, with the PSE V12 Organizer, I corrected the time by 8 hours. This too did not result later on (when editing that photo and saving the result of the edit) in problems.

From my tests, I have therefore the impression, that on my PC, the problem happens in PSE V12 for photos that I had imported with V8 and for which I had corrected the time with the PSE V8 Organizer. For this kind of photos, time-related processing performed by PSE V8 and time-related processing performed by PSE 12 (time-related processing performed as part of the catalog conversion?) are not compatible and result in problems.

For some of my Photos, I have screenprints of what the PSE V8 Organizer and the PSE V12 Organizer show:
• the Photo thumbnail with the Date/Time shown by the Organizer below the thumbnail
• The Metadata (including various Date/Time fields) shown by the Organizer in the "Information" Section
Unfortunately, I can not upload them to the Forum. But if PSE Development is interested, I will be very happy to send them as email-attachment

Also, if PSE Development wish, I will be happy to send (via email attachment) one of my jpeg Photo Files (as it was stored on the memory card, before any processing by PSE V8 or V12) that could be used to reproduce the problem
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Hello Robert, thanks for all of the details. Could you please send me the files you mention: bnemecek [AT] adobe [DOT] com.