After updating Lightroom, I had a difficult time getting it to start and Import Photos!

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I wanted to report that after updating LR to the 7.2 release, I was beginning to wonder if I was going to be able to use it. It took a much longer time to appear on the screen and there was a small window that kept appearing for a while after starting saying something about another instance of something running and asking if I want to switch but there was no other instance of LR running. After starting it and closing it several times, the small window finally did not appear.

Once I got past that hurdle, I clicked on Import and it hung or was taking a long time to do something. I closed it and I got a message saying something that it was reporting a problem to Microsoft. I restarted it and it did the same thing, although this time I let LR run in the background while I did some thing else for a while. When I came to the program, it was in Import mode this time and seemed to act normally. I canceled the Import selected it again and it has since then appeared to act normally.

Upon inserting a SD card, LR did not go into Import mode as it did before so I checked to see if the "Show Import dialog when a memory card is detected" was selected and it was not again! I believe every time LR has been updated, the box is unchecked by default. After selecting the option though, LR does not go into the Import mode.

I am able to Import and adjust photos okay but haven't done much else yet.

I have had Various Import/SD card issues for the last several years and it would be nice if they were fixed soon! I have an unresolved SD card issue related case open now. It was not fully resolved on 2/5/18 and I was told that I would be called back with 24 hours about the issue but I was not and am still waiting for a call back!

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Posted 2 years ago

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I too have a delay on startup. Is there a LR system diag log to say whats happening? iAlso the import with SD or CF cards does not work for me and has not for several builds. I have not reported this issue as I feel it maybe some windows 10 issue. I want to do a clean install in the future to see if that corrects issue. 


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What operating system and version are you running?
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Ronald: I don't know if there is a LR diag log. As for doing a clean install of Windows, I have had multiple issues as reported above with one or more previous versions of Windows so it would seem if you were to uninstall and reinstall Windows, it would not resolve the issue.

Richard: I'm using Windows 10 Fall Creators, 64 bit.

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Thanks for writing.
Does Lightroom Classic behave normally with import now?
Was "SD card not getting detected automatically" issue existed before update?

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I had the same problems again when I tried using LR again! This is not good.

As I mentioned, I have had various Import/SD card issues for the last several years so the latest update has nothing to do with those issues.