Affinity Desktop (Photoshop Look-A-Like) Software

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For the last 5 years I've been working with a third-party software developer helping with Photoshop dependent add-in's. The product is targeted for composite creators at all expertise levels.
As such, the product is highly dependent on good-cutouts.
While Affinity Desktop is the first product that looks and functions in many ways like Photoshop, in the cutout department, it doesn't even come close!
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Affinity is still improving the software.

The big attraction is that affinity is not subscription for those users that don't want to pay the rest of their lives for software that quits working if you stop paying and prevents access to your files., no matter how many years you payed them for the "right" to use said software or software so full of ovious bugs one wonders how a company could relese such software and not expect lots of criticism.

And with perpetual software, even though it may not be the latest, as long as you have an operating system it will run on, you never lose access to your files.

Another big issue is having to have an internet connection if you inadvertently mess up by signing into too many computers or because of some software glitch, then you out on the road and try to use photoshop and bam your prevented from using it because you don't have an internet connection good enough to connect. People would be surprised how many places don't have good internet or none at all, even in the US.
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This is a very interesting observation. Adobe has been the dominate software for many applications. They have been in that position for a lot of years.
As I mentioned in another reply on another subject, Adobe might have as many as 14 Million users world wide.
Affinity is the first product that "SHOOTS" directly at Photoshop. For many, Affinity already has everything a person might need including hundreds of training classes on line including some with
Additionally, they might just be ahead of the curve with their ipad application.
Affinity rolled out looking pretty good. Now, while they have a ways to go, they are looking pretty good.
They have also created a product/price-point/purchase method that will be attractive to millions. 
I bought it! I'll continue to look to them for improvements and I am especially interested in their use of MACROS as it provides a path for third-party development.