Photoshop: Problems reinstalling CS4, bad customer service response

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Adobe's Customer Service is horrible. They DO NOT listen to their customers at all or help SOLVE any of their issues even after each one has put SO much money into their programs. The programs themselves are wonderful and very impressive, I personally love them all, but how good are they when I can not get HELP when something in them goes wrong?

The solution I received today after trying to re-install my CS 4 onto my new computer was, "Sorry the warehouse does not have CS4 anymore. You will have to spend MORE money and upgrade to 5.5 Version or bum a similar disk off of someone else." Does this not break the user licensed agreement? AND how is it that there is not one copy or some sort of download to help me FIX the problem?

I spoke with three different people today, and NOT ONE OF THEM COULD COME UP WITH A VALUABLE SOLUTION. One man I spoke with, Nick Extension 2053, even laughed AT ME and told me the wrong pricing/discount I could receive for my upgrade. That's not helpful and after two hours on the phone with the first customer service lady, who was sweet but knew nothing.. it was very disappointing.

I am the Digital Imaging Director, Graphic Designer, and Marketing Manager - I have seen better customer service at a Pizza Joint then what I am receiving after years of buying and using these programs. IT TRULY IS A SHAME.
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Posted 7 years ago

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Do you have any case numbers from the support calls?

And what exactly is the problem you're having reinstalling CS4?
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Robyn, I sent you an email.
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Similar issues here - was trying to move a friends PS CS4 to a new SSD drive to keep their computer at a useable speed but they couldn't find their original disk/key. I can't just copy it across because Adobe apps don't play nice with cloning. I was trying to get hold of a downloadable .dmg installer which Adobe used to host for their legacy programs but for some reason seem to have made disappear and though I could get given a copy if I could produce a serial key and a customer service request.

Thought I had found the serial key when I went into PS -> Help -> System Info and it had a heading "serial key" but apparently that was invalid: it was a 20 digit key beginning with 9. After the one hour wait to speak to a rep, all they would tell me is "this key is invalid", but wouldn't answer my questions about why PS was generating an invalid key under a clear "serial key" heading, how I could find the original key, what I was doing wrong etc etc. Just kept on saying "this key is invalid" or words to that effect. Said the only solution was to produce a proof of purchase; if my friend can't find the original box, what are the chances of having the original receipt? I gave him the email that PS was originally registered to but it brought back nothing. Without actually saying it, I was definitely being accused of using illegal, unpurchased software - I know Adobe might be on CS6 and CC, but CS4 really isn't that old, less than 4 years this purchase was, it cost a fair penny and this was totally unacceptable.

After the agent closed our conversation without answering any of my question and me throughly unsatisfied (he had promised to keep a ticket open but I could find none when I went to my friend's account info page) it took me 30 seconds to find, install and run a package which dug up my serial key from wherever PS was hiding it in my friend's preferences. Bar once instance where a large company quoted me one final price (and admitted doing so) then tried to charge me double, this is the worst customer service I have ever come across. My friend only knows PS; I use Lightroom and have been very pleased with it but I was so thankful I used Pixelmator and hadn't shelled out silly money for PS given the customer service. I almost went for it too after Lr was such an impressive jump from Aperture, but I am so glad I didn't/haven't.

I now have the key so I suppose my only solution is to try find a torrent which hasn't been cracked (harder than you might think - they are all cracked with keygens) and install using that and the key that I have now managed to recover. Really, really disappointing, massive queue for piss poor service. The agent on the other end started going on about encryptions and a myriad of other things, stating that the key I was giving him was encrypted and there was no way to unencrypt it - if that were true I am not sure how PS assess if an encrypted key is valid or not, he didn't have a clue.
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i am woried about similar problem