Why does Photoshop CS6 not support Dolby AC-3 Audio?

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Dear Adobe,

It appears that Adobe has chosen to not support Dolby AC-3 audio in Photoshop CS6 video, possibly to avoid cannibalizing sales of Premier Pro. Official Adobe technical support engineers recommend that customers install the free trial of Premier Pro to fix this audio "BUG". Unfortunately, the trial AC-3 codec will self-destruct after 3 uses unless you provide a fully licensed Premier Pro serial number.

MJOrts, an Adobe employee and help forum guru states on http://forums.adobe.com/message/42840... :
DOLBY audio encoding [... is ] blocked in Photoshop unless 1.) You install PS as a CS6 Master Collection or CS6 Production Premium Suite product. or 2.) You install CS6 Premiere Pro

Everybody who purchased Windows 7 or Mac OS X has already paid for a Dolby AC-3 stereo codec. It is wholly unbelievable that the uber elves at Adobe are even dumber than those at Microsoft who have no trouble decoding the Dolby AC-3 audio in AVCHD, .MTS files with the MS Windows Media Player. Google's Picasa media player also has no problem nor does Nero Showtime, VLC Media Player, GSpot or Ffmpeg. Adobe could provide at least stereo audio if it wanted to.

Adobe advertises on http://www.adobe.com/products/photosh... :
Intuitive video creation
Bring Photoshop editing power to your video footage. Easily enhance any clip using the full range of familiar Photoshop tools, and then create movies using an intuitive set of video tools.

I can see 4 solutions to Adobe's Dolby audio "BUG":

1) Buy a substitute codec for the impacted customers. Minnetonka Software will license the "SureCode for Adobe Products" codec for only $295 which is guaranteed to work. If you can't or won't use the working Codec already paid for, provide an acceptable substitute at Adobe's expense. $295 is retail MSRP. Adobe's wholesale, volume price would surely be a tiny fraction of that. And, it would light a fire under their developers to fix their bug, if, indeed, it is a bug and not a cynical design feature.

2) Give disappointed PS customers a temporary license to Premier Pro until a Dolby bug fix can be devised. Then pull the license. This may be the very best solution in that it costs neither the customer nor Adobe anything and it may expose customers to the wonders of PP.

3) Change the Photoshop marketing to reflect the truth about deliberately crippling Photoshop to wrench out more sales of Premier with a "Clear and Conspicuous Disclaimer" such as:
Bring Photoshop editing power to your video footage [NOTE: If you use video from a late model Canon, Hitachi, JVD, Leica, Panasonic or Sony camera, Adobe has chosen to attempt to force you to buy Premier Pro for only $799 to get sound with your video processed through Photoshop CS6. :) ]

4) Continue to unfairly and unconscionably bamboozle customers into paying $799 more than they agreed to in order to get the basic video functionality Adobe promises in its Photoshop CS6 marketing propaganda. Some shrewd lawyer might see this option as walking a fine line between feigning technical incompetence and pursuing a bait-and-switch ploy in which "enhanc[ing] any video clip" with Photoshop can only be accomplished after a customer is forced to pay more than twice the advertised price for additional Adobe products.

[in the voice of Don Corleone ] Wouldn't it be unfortunate if you were to miss your big deadline simply because you were unwilling to pay the reasonable, additional price of only $799 to get __ALL__ of the software you need to edit videos in Adobe Photoshop CS6 ® !

I have a lot more than 3 videos to process. Would you kindly email me a fully licensed serial number to Adobe Premier Pro or SureCode which I will happily deactivate and surrender as soon as your dunderheaded developers figure out how to use the standard, AC-3 codec installed on 99% of all personal computers and publish the update?


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Just spent an afternoon learning to edit video in cs6, only to find out the hard way that my cameras and camcorder apparently all encode with AC3 -- extremely frustrating, both because there was no warning anywhere, and because Sony's $100 Vegas HD Movie Studio seems to have figured out a way tomdeal with this. Grrr.