Lightroom: Adobe solves all our problems!

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Adobe solves our slowdowns - DP Review reveals the next update

Bob Frost

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Robert Frost

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Posted 2 years ago

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Jeremy Tilford

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Why is it focused on export and importing? Making any adjustments is painfully slow and on my 2017 iMac with 48 gb of ram I have turn the GPU off. Slow product and slow response
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Dave Pearce

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I’d just like to have LR CC actually working.
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I will believe this when I see it (but I am not holding my breath).  I am also distrustful of testing on higher-end Macs with 10 cores; I have a MacPro which has 8 cores—the most possible in that model and 128GB of RAM with an aftermarket 4TB SSD.  How large is the fall-off with fewer cores?  And why was the testing restricted to importing and exporting?  Most of the work in LR for my workflow is importing, building previews, and editing.  Exporting was never really a performance issue, but DAM has always been pathetically slow.
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It would be helpful if Adobe wishes to recover some of their credibility by offering one more perpetual version of LR; with all the fixes in place. At least leave us perpetual users with a well working program instead of the current crippled V6. I would gladly pay full price for a fixed V7.
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I think "Adobe solves ALL our problems" may be a little overly optimistic. This is another good step in the right direction.

It should better utilize multiple CPU cores and the extra RAM available on computers with more than 12GB, and should solve the "slowing down over time and needing a reboot on Windows" issue. Import/export/preview building etc. are used to benchmark because they're more easily measured than, say, how fast you can edit a photo.

That said, performance is tricky because there are so many variables involved. This update is focused on specific performance issues, so it's not a magic bullet. There will still be further performance issues that continue to need work, but the good news is, they've made good progress with this release and are continuing to work hard.