LIGHGTROOM: Add "Stack Position" to Filter and Smart Collection criteria

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I need the ability to filter images by their stack criteria. This includes images that are not in a stack, Images that are at the top of a stack, images that are in a stack and images in a stack but not at the top.

As LR must know the stack participation and position of each photo in order to show it in the upper left corner of images in the grid view, I think it wouldn't be too hard to provide a Metadata Filter type called "Stack Position" where we could select "0" (for not in a stack), 1 (top of stack), or >1 (in stack but not at top).

Additionally, this capability needs to be included in Smart Collection criteria.

Thanks -- Dan
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DevMeta does support "Stack Position" and "Number of Photos in Stack".
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Agreed. It's in my Search Replace plugin (and not limited by the trial code).
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IMO this is a missing and essential feature of Lightroom. I would love to be able to make more use of Smart Collections, but without the ability to exclude photos below the top photo in a stack, I end up with a "Dumb Collection" that contains a whole bunch of unwanted images. I had hoped this feature would finally appear in the just-released version 6/CC, but no luck. Please don't make us wait until version 7 for this!
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OK, been over 3 years and still no traction here. This should fall under Adobe's JDI (Just Do It) program as it is probably one of the simplest to implement suggestion possible.

PROBLEM: In filters and smart collections there is no way to use stacking information as part of the criteria. For example, I want to find and export all images from 2015 that I'm going to register with the US Copyright Office. For me, these are all images that have 2 or more stars, or are not in a stack, or are at the top of a stack. I want to create a smart collection to do this but can't due to lack of fields to use for stack information.

PROPOSAL: Add two new data types to both the metadata filter and Smart Collections.

1) Stack Count. For any photo, this would be zero if the image is not in a stack, or if it is in a stack a count of the total number of images in its stack.

2) Stack Position: For any photo, this would be 0 if the image is not in a stack or if it is in a stack it's position in the stack.
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I wrote a publish plug-in for the Synology Photo Station and people are asking me to implement exactly this feature!

I could easily implement it using available Lr SDK APIs:
  • photo:getRawMetadata( isInStackInFolder)
  • photo:getRawMetadata( stackPositionInFolder)
but it makes no sense to do it in the plug-in because changes of stack membership or stack position will not trigger a photo "To re-publish". Thus, exported photos will become out of sync at that point in time.

I keep on telling people: don't expect a publish plug-in to do stack checks, ask Adobe to add these metadata/attributes as filter criteria  for (Published) Smart Collections. This is where it should be done!

I agree with Dan: it can't be that hard for Adobe to add this feature. As the Lr SDK shows: it's all there, just missing in the UI.
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Martin, thank you for the support.  It's now been over 3 years and still nothing from Adobe in what would most likely be less than an hour worth of coding plus whatever testing and QA they do.  Why not spent an insignificant amount of time and make a significant number of your users happy?  In fact Adobe should have one programmer who's only job is to knock out as many of thes these easy to do, low risk he or she can.  

As it turns out (but not mentioned in this thread) Rob Cole did add the fields to his DevMeta plug in and it works great.  The bad news is that he has fallen off the face of the earth.  Emails either bounce or are never answered,  His website is out of commission and no one seems to know how to contact him.  I hope he's OK an just choose to get out of the business.  But, even so, I sure do wish he'd given his code to another plug in developer to take over.  

Anyway, it would be good if other folks clicked the "Vote" button on this thread and posted comments about why they need this.  

For me, i'm not all that concerned about "Mark for Re-Publish" as I am not trying to link my mobile devices to my desktop LR.  Even though I do use publish services for Facebook, Flickr, Zenfolio, 500px, Picasaweb (Google), my desktop windows wallpaper, and several other things, so many things trigger the "Mark for Republish" flag that the feature is useless as I'd be doing nothing but republishing all the time due to changes that don't even make to Flickr, or Facebook or wherever.  I just need the stack position for filtering and smart collection purposes.

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Several other plugins let you filter on stack criteria: Search Replace Transfer, Data Explorer, Any Filter.
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As I mentioned, it's not a big deal to do it in a plugin, the APIs are there. The question for me is: what happens if the stack position/membership of a photo changes? If it doesn't trigger a photo "To Re-publish" (as it is athe moment) then I won't implement it, because people would complaint that the publish plug-in is not doing what it is meant to do: keep photos in published collection in sync acc. to the plugin's collection settings.

On the other hand: stack characteristics are clearly a filter attribute that might be of worth not only for Published Smart Collection but also for Smart Collections.

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Thanks John.  I had not been aware of "Search Replace Transfer" so will look into it.  I already use many of Jfriedl's plugin's and like them but I hadn't looked at his web site recently to see what was new so didn't know about his sreach plugin's.  I also already have your Any Filter plug in and use it as well.  

Thanks for the references