Lightroom: Add possibility to tag (metadata) a specific region of a picture

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The next step in assigning Keywords to a photo, is to be able to link a keyword to a sepcific region of the photo.
This would be useful in may situations.
ex: face tagging require that, but it could be used to describe different par of a photo, like peaks in a land scape photo, birds,...

That would be a really useful feature.
Some software already have it.
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Posted 9 years ago

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This is a very useful feature together with face recognition.
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The Metadata Working Group, of which Adobe and Microsoft are members, has already defined a standard method for representing regions and metadata associated with those regions. In particular, keywords, map locations, and persons (as already defined by the standards) can be associated with regions. This all gets stored in XMP metadata, of course.

See "Guidelines for Handling Image Metadata, Version 2", section 5.9 for more details.

It would be great if LR supported that standard.
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Yes these spec are really good they basically allows to do anything.
+ I saw many people requiring the focus point to be shown on photos and according to the spec this is exactly one of the use we could make of these regions.
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Not sure about metadata user group, but this one area where Apple has a clear implementation advantage.

At present I am using iPhoto as my everywhere 'show' gallery (sRGB of course) and I am managing my proper library in LR. It is frustrating when the keywords/people of LR don't tally up with Apple Faces.
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This feature would be excellent for research and academic uses, an area for which the database module is important (but this module seems underappreciatedin LR in comparison with design and print modules).

For example, I’d like to be able to define in an image's metadata simple regions—ovals, rectangles, and arbitrary points or area shapes as defined by image maps in html--so that I can label and act on these regions. Then I could highlight (+ or - exposure on these regions) or label specific elements in images for export or analysis. Now I have to laboriously do this in presentation software, or refer to my text notes about image characteristics.
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Unfortunatelly only circle and rectangles are defined by the standard.Maybe adobe could extend the standard. But not good to do so. It is preferable that the standard evolve towards what you are asking, that would be absolutely great for web developpers as well.
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A lot of families have boxes of old photos that are associated with a genealogy family tree. Facial Detection would be very useful to attach keywords (Names) to each photo. Apple has it as does Photoshop Elements.
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I agree we need tagging/annotation. Two years ago in the adobe forums I suggested this.

"Photo Tagging like social networks do"
"I would like to tag individuals or objects in my photos with the specific keywords. This is a great feature that Social networks like facebook and myspace have. This is Very important for large groups to tag the individuals in the Group to quickly identify who is in a photo and where they are. It would be nice to take that tagged photo and get a print out of the order the people are in.

Object tagging would also be a benefit. I could tag products that need or have copyright releases in a photo, Models with releases, buildings with property releases, etc. This would help clients, photographers and art directors see what releases they have and what they need to get. This would also help quickly identify where things are in a photo.

Just keywording a photo with who, and what, is an 20th century idea. Tagging is a 21st century need."

"I would say Photo tagging is an extension of the annotation request. As I see it, Tagging is an annotation that is linked to a keyword or to a file. I would like control over the size,shape or point of the annotation. and the ability to turn on/off the annotations/tagging for export/printing. It would be very helpful to have the ability to link multiple keywords and files (model releases, etc) to a single annotation. Linking files to an annotation is secondary to just linking keywords to annotations."
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That feature would be excellent.
As mentioned already in other topics, tagging photos is one of the most time-consuming jobs. Any automatic or semi-automatic help is highly appreciated here.
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You got my vote. I own both Elements 10 and Lightroom, and I would be very happy if I could use Lightroom as my only organizer....
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I agree with the people who say that having face recognition, object detection, etc. would GREATLY enhance my productivity. Even though it may not be completely accurate finding faces out of a million photos; it would be very helpful in reducing the enormous amount of time spent finding people.