Lightroom: Add Vulkan support

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Vulkan is the successor to OpenGL and can potentially give better performance for Lightroom. It's applicable for multiple OS' except for Mac, but I'm sure Adobe can switch back to OpenGL for that OS or also include support for Metal API
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Yes, indeed. But @ Adobe they need to learn it and adopt it. It's not just support it. Better word would be utilize it.

IMHO Direct x12 and Vulkan could be used efficiently at least a year after official public release.

Yes, I know Adobe devs should be on the top of the tech wave and should be early learners and adopters from beta's already, but usually things are more complicated than that.

Learning new logics and APIs, and ways to solve computational problems is not obvious. Best practices have to accumulate before end user can "feel" true performance boost.

The rest of the time... I will tell you the truth: we pay extra dollar for new automations usually presented as new features and pay the bills of the devs (learning is also work).

In the case of LR however the-so-called new features outnumbered long ago the need for optimization.

@ Adobe they still don't get it. Test it:

Take a RAW 50 MP image, put all the voodoo magic in optimizing everything (top notch hardware, image and small catalog on SSD, Built 1:1 previews) and draw 3 big lines, regardless if they are spot removal or local brush adjustment. Do that on consecutive 10 images (out of, let's say, 100 image set) and "enjoy" the sluggishness of LR.

IMO already in the beginning by the usage of SQLite

However I am unaware of any better alternatives at the moment :-(

Alternatively Dx12 and Vulkan can bring some extra horse power. According to the graphics (and not the comments of the reviewer) in this article, in parallel computations LR is mediocre (no performance improvement above 4 cores).

I do not know what instructions are used by Dx12 and Vulkan that can assist in the versatile computations that LR does for operating its different functionalities, but I hope it will help in the true performance boost of our everyday tasks.

Utilizing and support are two different things.

The added values to both Dx12 and Vulkan is actually in them enabling access to operate the hardware in more direct approach if needed. Since both are backwards compatible (Dx11 & OpenGL) However that means rewriting core logic ergo complete sets of functions written from scratch as addition if any of the above is detected.

Will Adobe do it?
Most probably.

Will we see it anytime soon?
Most probably not.

And on top of that you suggest the utilization of Metal API. Sure pragmatic enough for users, and  most probably they can go either one or even two of them. But the utilization of the three is not economically argumented.

As for support: adapting the most used functions so the marketing can add "using GPU" label on the product - yep they can do it, but who needs that?