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Working with brushes in photoshop should be more intuitive: per design or per client, per project you want to make folders with your fav brushes. At this moment, doing that is a nuisance.

In your brushes panel, you'd expect a right-mouse click option to 'add to group group' - whereas now you can only make a new folder. I would also like to be able to drag, say, Kyle's brushes from the Kyle's brushes panel to the brushes pannel, straight into a folder with the grouped brushes of my selection per project.

here is where I would expect an 'add brush to group' option.

And, at last, a better search option in the brushes, everywhere. At this moment, I have to scroll through 100s of brushes in the brush panel, drag it up into a folder on top of that pannel, get lost, try to find where I was again and in the process become very moody. This should be much much easier and more intuitive.
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Posted 7 months ago

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> And, at last, a better search option in the brushes, everywhere.

For me, I'd place that one first.<G> And by everywhere, I mean all the preset panels should have a search function.  I also think we should be able to "favorite" brushes and other presets the same as fonts, and save that xmp file or whatever it is with the preset files when we save the sets.

But being able to add to a group through the c-s menu would be very helpful. Currently, drag and drop can be quite tedious. Copy/Paste, Cut/Paste might even be easier for them to implement, and perhaps quicker to do than to have to go through a "add to group. . . " option where you had to then choose the folder from a list of folders that they'd have to program to be there. Just a simple copy or cut and paste.

Currently, I have to import or create a destination folder, import a source folder, then try to arrange both folders for easy dragging, then save the destination folder and close without saving the source folder — so as not to lose brushes that were in it. Definitely a bit more complicated than having a way to copy or cut, then paste from a source folder into a destination folder.

It's still way better than going through the Preset Manager for everything, but it can be improved upon.