Lightroom CC: Add ability to store original files locally in custom folder structure

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CC should allow us to store originals locally in the folder structure of our choice, just as we can in Classic.  CC currently allows us to pick one folder for all originals, or to put all originals in folders by date captured, but it would be way better if we could create a custom local folder structure for each import or file just like in Classic.
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Posted 2 years ago

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The problem with these locally stored photos is that you loose the connection in Lr when you start moving the photos. I did not switch to Lr and kept Aperture exactly because of that reason. I am very hapy that Lr adopted the current way of managing the photos for me. It is possible to store copies as back up though and otherwise export them.
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I would not be too hopeful for this idea. The point of Lightroom CC is to liberate the user from file management and to put assets primarily in the cloud only to be local when needed. A robust disk-based folder structure supports neither of these goals. If this is a make-break requirement you are probably better served remaining with Lightroom Classic CC.
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Yes the cloud liberates you from file management. But it puts you at the complete mercy of Adobe and CC. If you ever decided to stop using CC or if Adobe’s cloud somehow became corrupted, you’d be left with tens of thousands of local files with zero structure to them. All albums and organization would be gone.

I don’t get why they can’t at least give users the option.

Or, alternatively, if Classic would sync the full sized files to CC, then I could use Classic to organize everything the way I want and still have the full-sized files available in the cloud. By my understanding is that Classic only syncs smaller previews to the cloud, not full sized files.
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In case you want to end the subscription you could export all photos. Adobe Bridge can be used as second Photo Manager. The way I manage my photos is: I have One Drive as back up of my original RAW when I move them from my SD card to my hard drive. The secons step is: import RAW in Lr. I use Apple Photos for my JPEG’s (simply because it has more options: I can see my photos on a map, face recognision, smart albums etc, and to separate them from RAW in Lr). My idea is to always have a copy of the first and last photo of the process. After some time I may delete the RAW files in One Drive. Lightroom is my fiddle yard: the area where I can play with the photos any time, any place.
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Is there a way to export all photos and retain the structures you've put in place? E.g. I have a set of structures in Lightroom CC like Folders/Albums. I'm regretting this now as I'd prefer it all to be simply in Google Photos but can't seem to get it out and retain the folder structures easily without going manually album by album which is too much effort for 20 years of photos!
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Hi Rabbly, did you figure out a solution to this? I'm considering migrating to Lightroom CC, but want to make sure I'll have a way to migrate away from it if desired in the future without losing all the organizational work I did
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There should be an option that you tick:
Option 1: Sort files locally by date
Option 2: Sort files locally by mirroring LRCC folder/album structure.

Simple. It isn't even that hard from a technical point of view.
Saying it cannot be done because the cloud is to not consider the workflow/tools of many photographers.
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Option 2 is available in Preferences > Local Storage
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> Sort files locally by mirroring LRCC folder/album structure.

The same photo can be in multiple different albums. How would you expect that to be reflected on the hard drive? You want lots of duplicates of the same file?
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I would also very much like to have the option to tell Ligthroom to save the files in a folder structure corresponding to the album structure (option 2 from above). If an image would be in two albums it would be also copied to both folders. That would be the obvious thing/tradeoff.
The alternative would be to have the option to export full album folders and have an export option to mirror the albums as folders on export.
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Like most of us (I think) I ́ve spent hundreds of hours on sorting pictures in Albums & Folders. As you in the meantime can export Albums to folders, it should be very easy to implement that recursively for LRCC Folders with all Albums that are in them.

That would also allow us to create a complete Backup "on prem".
Victorias remark (duplicates) is correct and there should be a warning and mybe an option that exports should only happen once. Maybe accompanied by an duplicate.txt file that contains a reference information to where the file first was exported to.

That all would only be a "last line of defense" not to loose the work that was spent in building up the Album hierarchy.