Add a 'dislike' button on the new feature request page

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There is a 'like' button so people can vote for a new feature request. Now, i would like a 'dislike'  button addition to adress suggestions and idea's that not adding any value to the program.
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Posted 1 year ago

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Why do we need a dislike button? —BTW, feature requests have Vote buttons, so you're really asking for a Vote No button, right? —If you have something genuinely against having a feature request become an actual feature, you should say so with more than a button. That could be important to a lot of people reading the thread who might not have thought of your reason not to include a feature. Just as the person requesting needs to make their case for it, you should make your case against.

If you merely think you don't care about it and it would be a waste of resources, don't vote for it. No need to push a button that says you don't want the feature, but also that you're not willing to say what you think is wrong with it. Indifference to a feature request translates to not many votes for it.

Or do you think that this is a democratic process, so a "no" vote is important?

Because Adobe isn't a democratic regime. If someone garnered 45 votes for, and 55 against, that wouldn't necessarily mean very much to a company who does focus groups, surveys, monitors several forums, social media, and blogs, gets emails, listens to their tech support tell them what kind of support calls they're getting, listens to their evangelists and pro users, and even likely asks their product managers and engineers to weigh in on a feature before it gets the resources allocated to it.  '-}

Feature requests are just a tiny influence on the whole process that Adobe goes through when choosing what to offer and when to offer it.
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I agree that only a vote is not enough, you have to argue. However, that stands for a positive vote also.
If you merely think you don't care about it and it would be a waste of resources, don't vote for it.
Yes, i agree also and that is what i do.
However i see feature requests that are contra-productive in my opinion. Or i don't like Adobe is spending resources at it because there are so many important things to resolve.
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I would refer you to the second reply here:

This has been requested before and is not planned at this time.