Lightroom mobile: Ability to export more than 15 photos at a time

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Here is our conversation about CS and me
Naveen GK: Hello! Welcome to Adobe Customer Service.
Naveen GK: Hi Yeung
yeung y: Hello
yeung y: i have a question
yeung y: how can I do unlimited dng export to jpg on my iOS and android Lightroom mobile
Naveen GK: I understand that you would like to use Lightroom free trial on ipad. Is that right?
yeung y: Correct
Naveen GK: Let me check and help you with that.
Naveen GK: May I place this chat on hold for a minute or two, while I check the information for you?
yeung y: Of course, thank you
Naveen GK: I'm sorry, Yeung . It's taking time please allow me few more minutes.
yeung y: Please
Naveen GK: Thank you for staying online
Naveen GK: I checked and see that there is no subscription under this account: [removed]
Naveen GK: Since you are using the trial version, I'll transfer the chat to our technical team to check and help you better. Please stay online
yeung y: And also one more question
yeung y: and also when I'm using android Lightroom mobile , For example I have 5 dng files convert to jpg , once I tag the photo from left to right , e.g : 1.dng , 2.dng , 3.dng , 4.dng , 5.dng , the final concert files is not in sequence , like 3.jpg , 1.jpg , 2.jpg , 5.jpg , 4.jpg . Is it normal?
Naveen GK: Yeung, we are from customer service team and our technical team will be able to check and help you with that. Please stay online
yeung y: Thank you so much info: Please wait while we connect you to a You are now chatting with Priyank Dubey. Please don’t close the chat window or browser tab since it will end our chat session.
Priyank Dubey: Hello! Welcome to Adobe support.
Priyank Dubey: Please allow me 1-2 minute(s) to review your account details.
yeung y: Thank you
Priyank Dubey: DNG is only available for iOS not for Android yeung y: It's work android as well
yeung y: The latest Version
Priyank Dubey: Allow me one minute
Priyank Dubey: Oh Yes I am sorry it is only for specific Phones support Raw format
yeung y: It's work on iOS and android
Priyank Dubey: I am sorry but can you elaborate what you mean by unlimited dng Export?yeung y: Because I can only export 15 dngs file to jpg every time
Priyank Dubey: What if you try to select more, Are you getting any error?
yeung y: Got the message from the app
Priyank Dubey: What message?
yeung y: I need to run the app now, may be disconnect our conversation yeung y: How can we keep chating ?
Priyank Dubey: You can send the screenshot here
Priyank Dubey: contact us back and refer to case # 0220217102
yeung y: Your file was successfully uploaded: image.png.
yeung y: Cannot click over 15 files
yeung y: It happened any convert not even dng file
Priyank Dubey: There are no such Issue that has been reported
Priyank Dubey: You may try to create another collection and then check
yeung y: Pls wait
Priyank Dubey: ok
yeung y: Pls wait 1-2mins
Priyank Dubey: ok
yeung y: What do you mean another collection?
Priyank Dubey: Allow me some time
Priyank Dubey: okay, I have just checked on my end, You can only export 15 images at a time yeung y: Ohhhhhh
Priyank Dubey: There is no way to increase that Limit
yeung y: Even I join the Adobe plan ?
Priyank Dubey: Yes
yeung y: Both happen android and iPhone ?
Priyank Dubey: Yes
yeung y: It's bad news for some user like me when use iPad Pro to run Lightroom mobile app , when we edit all the raw photo . It's only export 15 images at one time .
yeung y: I like to use iOS system to run your app more than Mac or Windows because of the weight and very convenience
Priyank Dubey: You can sync as many images as you want and Use Lightroom Desktop to Export as many pictures
Priyank Dubey: but Lightroom Mobile is a very light version with only minimum functions
yeung y: I understand your point
yeung y: This is not a big problem for every users yeung y: As I told you I like using iPad to edit the photo when I travel or on the train
yeung y: Hope you discuss your engineer team to get a better performance on next version , nice to talk to you Mr. Bubey
Priyank Dubey: You can also post your suggestions on
yeung y: Just refer the case #0220217102 to the website?
Priyank Dubey: No
Priyank Dubey: You need to type in your actual problem
Priyank Dubey: case # are for Support only
yeung y: Ok , thank you for your sharing , bye
Priyank Dubey: Bye Bye!
info: Your chat transcript will be sent to [removed] at the end of your chat.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Would just like to add some context to your "me too" - I'm working with a purely mobile flow, as below:

SD Card upload to iPad, then Lightroom Import/upload, catalog, edit etc.

Export is to the 'Documents' app, where I then transfer to a Linux host on Amazon Cloud where a script resizes images, uploads them to the right place on Amazon S3, generate page templates with reference to the images and produces drafts for a Jekyll based blog hosted on github.

The draft posts are synced using Working copy and edited on either Editorial or iA Writer, before ultimately being 'published' with a git commit+ push.

I've got it really streamlined, but the 15 image limitation is the biggest 'issue'. This is my 'desktop' computer.

Allowing Lightroom to run in split screen mode would allow it to be exporting in either float over or just he skinny mode (limiting functionality as appropriate) would alleviate any concerns about the iPad killing it from memory or the device being otherwise unusable during export. (Safari and most other apps can also run in 'slide over' during export as it is (see screenshot)
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I really like Lightroom on iPad. But lack of exporting an entire album is a nightmare! iPad Pro replaces desktop/laptop for me. I want export hundreds of images while traveling. I don’t have access to desktop. Lack of exporting an entire album renders this app useless for me. There should be a workaround for this. For example if I choose to store photos locally, there is a nice progress bar shown on album. Why not to develop similar functionality for exporting an entire album?
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ha - i thought i'm the only one having problem with these limitation. i am using android 8.1 and i am having the same error when exporting more than 15 photos. hopefully this will be sort out.
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... Adobe and its "we know it better" attitude...
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Android Users: Lightroom mobile 3.6 for Android was released earlier today and has removed the 15 photo limit. Give it a spin!
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Just briefly checked my iPhone and it looks like the 15 image share or export limitation has been lifted on IOS as well. Awesome news
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Great news this limit has been removed. Once I was trying to do download one whole album to family member's USB drive on phone and it was frustrating doing so by 15 image batches. This makes much more sense now.
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Wonder when IOS will be updated???

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It's done Kane, went live yesterday
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Haven’t had time to update my iPad Pro, but on my iPhone, you can now select all photos to export. There is no more share icon at the top right, you have to select the first photo, then it gives you the option to select all or any number of photos manually. Interface slightly different, but it is definitely there.
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Latest update 3.4.0 solves issue. Totally new workflow for sharing albums.
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Issue is solved. You need at least version 3.4.0 of Lightroom app on IOS.  The entire workflow has been updated. Tested, works fine. Hint: local albums are rendered faster.
For shared online albums "Download All" feature is still missing.
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The release notes didn't specifically call out iOS like Android but the limitation should be lifted on both platforms.
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Cheers, it didnt show an update in my IOS, i shut down and restarted both devices, showed then App update. Checked and its correct. Select all - Save to .... happy days :-)