Lightroom CC: Ability to unsyc original files that are stored locally on a desktop CC keeping originals local and only syncing smart previews

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Ability to unsyc original files that are stored locally on a desktop CC keeping originals on a external drive or NAS while smart previews remain in the cloudI have 12 TB of images from the last 5 years of my career. I'd like to make the move to CC however the cost of cloud storage for storing my existing files or soon after I would switch to CC would become utterly ridiculously expensive. I need a way to desync original files from CC cloud storage as currently that's not possible without a messy LR Classic work around! Ideally this could be done automatically by CC desktop when cloud storage has run out. It could double check it still has a local copy of the oldest originals it has stored and desyncs them. Ironically I would actually spend more money on Adobe than I am now to get 2TB of storage if this was possible, but I can't justify spending $120 a month and adding another $10 every 6 months.
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Just curious: if you don’t want to sync originals to the cloud, why are you interested in using Lightroom CC in the first place? If you would only sync smart previews, then Lightroom CC would just be a less powerful version of Lightroom Classic with a bit more fancy interface.
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Assuming the OP is in the same position as myself here...

What I'd really like is the ability to keep everything "contemporary" in CC storage, where I'm able to access and work on it via my laptop when I'm travelling.  Then to downgrade/archive to smart preview older images that I'm very unlikely to work on, but would still like to browse.

This is very much about me wanting control over how my storage is being managed and being able to make value decisions about exactly where I choose to pay for storage - CC is a particularly expensive option, especially if I have an additional subscription with another more general provider elsewhere that I already use for archival purposes.  Doubly so in an enterprise setup.

(note: I've already backed up these older images as raws, in full resolution, elsewhere.  Amazon prime photos is a good - and free - candidate for this.  Glacier would be a reasonable choice too for the use-case) 

I can then continue to work with Lightroom Classic on my desktop, which I've found to be more powerful for its ability to work both with online and offline collections. (also for a UI that can be navigated with fewer clicks)
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You can already do that right now. Any image that is uploaded from Lightroom CC will be uploaded as original. When you sync your Lightroom Classic catalog, this image will be downloaded to Lightroom Classic as well. You can keep the original online if you want to, but if you don’t want to then take the following steps:
1: Remove the image from ‘All Synced Photos’ in Lightroom Classic. That will remove the original from the cloud, but not from Lightroom Classic.
2: Add the image again to its synced collection(s) in Lightroom Classic. This will upload the image again, but now as smart preview.