Ability to sync a catalog between a laptop and desktop rather than just a mobile device.

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I'm doing a lot of field work on a laptop, transferring files from my camera and creating rough edits for quick use. I can sync these to my iPad with Lightroom mobile, but it would be much more useful to sync with my office desktop when I want to do fine edits. At the moment I have to transfer the raw files using a cloud folder and then start from scratch on the editing. Can we have a feature where the 'mobile' device that Lightroom syncs with is actually a laptop?
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If you save your metadata to the xmp files (Catalog Settings > Metadata), you can then import folders of images directly from your laptop and they should contain the edits.

Also, you can create new catalogs on the laptop for the specific job, then import the entire catalog and the edits at once.

Both of these assume you can connect to the laptop via the network or use a cloud folder as you mention...so yes, I think the process could be easier.
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I would love a feature like that, too! When I shoot stills in the studio, I usually hook up my laptop to the camera for tethered shooting with LR. That works ok, but the problem starts, when I want to bring the files to my desktop.

I can't import from catalogue via network. Doesn't work with LR or I am too stupid for it. For me, it would be the most natural and logical thing, that you would be able to import from another catalogue over the network. I wonder what the problem is here, that Adobe is not able to implement that. Seems like anybody shooting out on the field would use that feature to bring his files over to the desktop machine.

I have to close the catalogue on the laptop, copy that with all the files over to the desktop, then start my main catalogue, chose import from other catalogue and then select my images and have them copied again in the designated folder.

Once that is done, I have to delete the copied catalogue and all the files. Not very smart process and you would think that in the year 2017 of computing, that detour would not be mandatory, but hey, Adobe knows what photographers need, they want me to use their cloud service.
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I would agree that this would be the single most useful feature for me to be added to Lightroom too.  It's so kludgey to move images between laptop and desktop, and with tethered shooting being so common these days it's one of the key needs.  Give me that and a performance boost and I'll be a very happy camper.