Lightroom CC: Ability to identify pictures not assigned to an album

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Uploaded "orphains" cannot be identified. They are visible in "All pictures", but not flagged as such (nor or those belonging to an album flagged as such).
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Plus LrCC Team, please include a way to identify what Album(s) a Photo is in. This could sit in the info field.
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Put that in as a separate request Selondon. I'd vote on it!
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Found one that exists already Victoria.....
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+1 for request to find orphaned photos, matching metadata but not in a selected folder.
ie. Photo taken in 2017 but not contained in my Album named 2017
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Find Photos that are in all Photos but not in any album.

I have 25,000 photos in all photos but only 20,000 that are in albums.  I need to identify these so I can put them in albums or delete them.  
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I would also add that I'd love to be able to identify photos not in a specific set of albums. In Classic, I organized all my photos into some general categories (hiking, road trips, travel, events, etc.) and then by the specific event/location/etc. That allowed me to easily find photos and know where all my photos of things are. Organizing them by date has no real relevance to me.

(Though as a sidebar, that is how my archives are organized, but that way I can find a specific photo in my keepers, find the date in the metadata, and then find other pictures from that same trip/event/etc. in my archives if needed.)

But in Lightroom CC, since my folder organization has been combined with my collections, I now have albums which help my find those events/trips/etc.  and I have albums for "best of..." or other specific things. What I'd like to be able to do is find any photos that are not in my main organization folders. (I have three: Personal, Work and School, and Other's Photography. I could combine them all into a single folder, but only if I could better control the sidebar width so that I can still actually see my more deeply nested folders.)
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I like to see which picture are not in an album, but in the still in the all folder so I clean up space

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Lightroom CC: How to view photos that are not in an Album?.

Maybe I'm missing something. 
I thought that the previous Lightroom allowed you to view photos that were not in an album.  If this is really a missing feature then what is Adobe's thought process for organizing photos on a computer?
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In Lightroom CC, photos are organized by date by default. You can then put photos into albums (similar to collections in Lightroom Classic). You can see what albums an individual photo is in now. But if there is a photo in no albums, there’s no way to find it.
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Great feature that helps organizing your library much easier. Shouldn't be hard to implement.
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I also really need a means of identifying photos not in albums.
It's extraordinary that this is not yet possible.
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Please can you comment on what the recommended work flow is for sorting photos into folders. Because without this feature I can't see how you can do this reliably without a way to check.

If you can't actually sort into folders reliably then the folders feature is not usable in a professional context. And without folders I don't see how anyone could use the software professionally.

So like many above I'm totally baffled how anyone is using it, except with clunky work around. I'm using it for a relatively small number of mobile + drone photos at the moment as a trial. But all SLR pictures are going into classic due to this missing feature.