Photoshop CS6: a few problems

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Hi all,

I'm subscribed to creative cloud and noticing a few issues in Photoshop that are becoming quite frustrating.

I'm working on:

Home machine = iMac 27" i5 - 2012 model running on Lion
Work machine = iMac 27" i5 - 2012 model running on Mountain Lion

Same issues apply for both machines and in no particluar order:

The marquee tool seems to need a number of clicks before it actually picks up the first marker. In some instances up to 4 clicks. I thought I might have a faulty mouse but I've tested with 4 different alternative... err... mice with the problem persisting.

It also seems much more unstable with the selection closing sporadically during mid drawing of the marquee. I know you can quickly close by double clicking so I'm always cautious about that but even being delicate with it, that doesn't seem to help. I've also noticed that if you are wanting to continue drawing the marquee outside the visible canvas (the canvas moves with the cursor here) it is much more likely to close. I do try and avoid this by working through cuts in stages but this seems much more laborious considering cs6 should be an improvement, not a step backwards.

Another issue is that I use mutiple applications and I'm frequently taken back to photoshop if I try and interact with the other application. I use a 27" screen so I can afford to have PS and another application open side-by-side with others in the background. The most common is when i use a browser directly after photoshop. I select the browser window which appears fine but if I try to click anywhere in the browser window it takes me straight back to PS. I always make sure any selections are deselected to avoid pop-up messages etc so this is quite puzzling. The only way I'm able to go back to using the other opened applications is to click the expose key. You may say i should be using this all the time but I generally have my applications laid out in an expose fashion anyway so simply clicking the app that is already visible is a faster option.

I have another annoyance although reading up about this it seems to be a concious decision to include by adobe in this latest version. That is the layer selection border which appears whenever you have a layer highlighted. It becomes irritating when you are trying to style certain shapes, especially with a 1px border. I've used the key combination to deselect this option that has been supplied in another thread however this isn't a permanent fix as if i work on another layer (which ofcourse gets highlighted) and return to the layer I've just deselcted the 'selection border' on the border returns! So it seems that everytime I select a layer i have to go through the task of deselecting the 'selection border' for me to viewing it in it's unselected state. I mean, to me this just seems a complete waste of time. Tools are supposed to help us work faster, not hinder us right? I prefer viewing everything without any selections obstructing the overall view of my work. Is there a way of permanantly turning this feature off?

Has anybody else encountered these problems?

Anyway these are just a few issues i've noticed while scratching the surface of PS CS6.

Look forward to hearing your response,

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Posted 6 years ago

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It is much easier to discuss the problems when you post one per topic.

Have you installed all the Photoshop updates?

The first few sound like you have something messing with your mouse events on your system.

The browser problem sounds like the browser or something is mistargeting applications - we've seen some OS bugs cause that, but not as repeatably as you are describing.

The layer border when dragging is a Cocoa thing, but can be disabled.
If you're talking just about vector shapes showing their border when selected -- well, that's what the UI designer specified, but we're working on improvements to the behavior.
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Thanks for the reply and I'll be sure to keep issues on an individual basis in the future, apologies.

Yes everything is up to date. There have been a few updates during my experiencing of these issues since I first signed up to CC but none seemed to fix.

The mouse issue seems logical, it's very odd that others in the studio I work in are experiencing the same problem on their PCs (Unfortunately I don't have their specs to hand). I'll trial different mouse behaviours by changing my settings and see if that flags anything up.

The layer border is for the selected vector shapes, yes. I did read that this was introduced specifically so hopefully with future revisions a happy medium will be found.

There are many positives with CS6 though, the vector management (despite the layer border) is better, 3D option is a step in the right direction, animation seems much more user friendly and the group styles is a big time saver.

Thanks for your time.