Lightroom: Ability to hide "files offline or missing" message in LR 3 and LR4

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When working on files that are on an external drive which is offline, we have the question mark on the thumbs, which I find is enough. It's highly visible.
In addition, there is this big warning message on the big preview "files offline or missing", which makes it almost impossible to look through or to work on offline files. That message is just unnecessary and incredibly annoying. Why-oh-why isnt there an option to turn that off? I need to work offline or show pictures to a client in Library or Develop module and that useless distractive message keeps popping up!

In LR 2 this could be turned off (or wasnt there?). There have been a lot of complaints about this for LR3 and i was sure it would be fixed, so now i'm pretty disappointed and just wondering what that is intended to be good for.

Looking forward to a response
thanks a lot
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Posted 8 years ago

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dang did u ever get it fixed? i cant get in ti do any of my editing. very fustrated need to finishe prom pics n im stuck trying to resolve this problem and im not getting anywhere...:(
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Just a workaround, to make the message less intrusive:

- Stop LR, go to lightrooms program folder, subfolder "Resources".

If your language setting is English:
- If not already there, create a folder "en", enter that folder
- If not already there, create a text file "TranslatedStrings.txt" with UTF-8 encoding
(... on Windows, use notepad, on Mac don't know ...)
- Add the following line to the file (including the quotation marks):


If your language setting is different from English:
- Enter the folder corresponding to your language
- Make a backup of the "TranslatedStrings.txt" file (!!)
- Open "TranslatedStrings.txt" file with UTF8-able editor (windows: notpad)
- Search for AgLibraryPixels/Loupe/OverlayMessage/OfflineWithName
- Change the line (see above)

Now the whole message is just a little black rectangle containing a question mark, which is less intrusive. You can also remove the question mark from the line, so it's just a little black rectangle alone.

But I also add my vote for a configuration option to switch it off (I didn't find one). Would be very useful for offline browsing just using the previews.
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great tip !!! thanks! man how did you find that thing? well, i'm the kind of user that's too lazy to do that kind of research =)
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Survey View with just one image selected is the only view without the warning, AFAIK.

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Good hint, thanks!

P.S. Unfortunately one cannot zoom in survey view without automatically entering loupe view. And survey view has a slightly annoying picture-change animation (didn't notice that before...)
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When working with pictures on an external drive which is offline, this warning message "files offline or missing" keeps popping up ( in addition to that question mark on the thumbs).

does anyone have any idea why they dont offer a option to turn off that annoying message?

I find it unnecessary and very distracting when working on or showing offline pictures.

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I've recently migrated from using Aperture as my main tool to Lightroom. My reason for doing so is founded in the ability to out source and Lightroom's ability to utilize XML files. There are a number of things that I greatly miss from Aperture...

Having the ability to work with catalogs & previews separate from their associated raw image files would be greatly enhanced if the warning bezel "image(s) are either missing or offline" was only present when entering the Develop module.

I regularly work on rating/key-wording on my laptop while traveling. Doing so, I know that I don't have to bring the entire raw file folder but rather standard or 1:1 Previews. Having the warning bezel appear on the image in Loop view in the Library module is a huge distraction and it is an unnecessary warning. Having the warning appear in the Develop module is reasonable.

I hope this helps.

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This message makes it really hard to judge how many stars you want to assign to which image.

Beside working "offline" on the catalogue for keywording and rating I want to have a reasonably sized preview of all my photos on my primary hard drive always at hand (on my laptop) to show them if someone asks to see them. With this annoying message, you cannot enjoy looking at the photos.

As my internal drive is just a temporary working place, this message appears on virtually all my photos (except those few who are still on my internal drive).

There might be a very good reason that you have introduced this message. But please make it optional so that one can get rid of it, in case you don't need it...