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I think when you are cropping in photoshop/bridge/lightroom RAW it would be nice if we had an option to overlay a 8:10 ratio (4:5) on top of the 4x6 crop. This way we can crop to the normal 4:6 but still make sure that the photo can be made into an 8x10 later without cutting out important details (or heads). This can be similiar to the viewfinder inserts you can buy that shows an 8x10/16x20 crop on alot of dslr cameras.
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There are a great many ideas for custom overlays for the crop feature here, so it's incorrect for me simply to say 'Me, too!' Personally, I want to be able to create my own 'armatures' - patterns of horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines used by artists for composition, and apply them in LR4. I guess that would be a matter of creating an overlay in, say, PS, and importing it into LR to add as a preset to Crop?
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I shoot a lot of school photos for yearbooks. The images need to all have the same head size. Not all kids have the same size head. A custom template would do the trick. I have other software that has a cropping tool for school images. It has grid lines where the top of the head and the bottom of the chin should go. Its easy to use, but lacks all the bells & whistles of LR. Therefore I am first adjusting the images in LR so why not crop them at the same time.
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The crop overlay In Lightroom 5 Beta is wonderful with the addition of the 4x5, 5x7, 2x3 overlay! Thank you! Great job! Scott
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled LIGHTROOM - More compositional overlays for crop tool.

There are many types of compositional overlays that aren't included in Lightroom's Crop Tool. I would love to see at least twice as many as there currently are (more diagonals, golden ratios, root 4 rectangle, enclosures, etc...).
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And, seriously, how hard would it be to give Camera Raw (Bridge) the same cropping choices as are in Lightroom and Photoshop (i.e., Fibonacci, Triangle, Diagonal, etc.)? This disparity in features is inexcusable and embarrassing. Surely the teams communicate?
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I don't use Lightroom but I had always assumed that Camera Raw would be used by Lightroom and Bridge/Photoshop. It would be nice if they were combined so that what you get in one, you get in the other because they are the same. I don't see the need for two different versions.
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Not sure if anyone suggested this but what I want is the ability to place individual crops for the different ratios as possibly a layer overlay on the image so that I can suggest different crops based on what a customer might order for a print. Then I would like to be able to produce a JPG using Image Processor and have a selection for which crop overlay it uses to produce the JPG.

I want the crop overlays to remain persistent in the PSD and/or XMP file (I use rarely just use Camera Raw, all my edited images end up as PSDs) so that if someone comes back later to suggest they want a different crop, I simply rerun Image Processor with the crop they requested and Image Processor looks up the correct crop overlay and crops the image.

By doing this, it would never be necessary to actually crop the original image, just suggest where the crop would be. This would guarantee consistent results from the same original image should you have to go back and regenerate a crop later after adding more edits to the PSD.