5 tips to design a great logo!

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Designing a logo : at one time or another, every business faces this arduous task. Even if you already have one right now, there will certainly be a time when you want to modernize it or simply change it. If you are considering creating or redesigning your logo , keep in mind the 5 tips that follow.

1. Take the time to think about your logo
Imagine a logo that matches the picture and the messages that you want to convey takes time.

2. Use a professional (or failing that, someone competent)
Designing a logo can be a frustrating process, especially if you are not very experienced in the art of graphic design.

3. Do not work alone
Collaborate is the key! Your logo should not be initiated by one person. 

4. Make your logo speak
Have a message! If your logo could speak, what would it say? If you do not have the answer to this question, it is because you have not taken enough time for the reflection a priori. You can also use free logo design tool to help you in easy logo creation. 

5. Be careful when choosing colors
Beware of colors. One of the biggest mistakes we encounter when designing a logo is the misuse of colors .
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Delores Humphrey

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Posted 1 year ago

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David Converse

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You left out a few things ;)

Keep it simple. Look at big companies, they mostly have very simple logos.
Make sure it can be used both small and large. A logo with fine lines or shading will turn to mush on a business card (for example.)

Make the color scheme simple- avoid gradients and small patches of color.
Make sure it will still be usable if printed one-color.
Do a search online to make sure your design isn't too similar to someone else's logo. It can be difficult and expensive to change when you get a cease-and-desist letter from the other business's attorney.
Consider registering your copyrighted artwork and a trademark/dba (depending on your local laws.) This safeguards your design and business name.
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Ila Huber

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I also agree with David because the logo is one of the most crucial element which can help to start a brand or an organization in the market and it must that your logo design is simple and easy to understand as it works as a communicator among customers and organization in many ways.
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