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I had written few powerful features for Photoshop & I did hope that I would be able to get those in future in new(CS6) Version but unfortunately I could get those. if its still possible to develop/create those, that would be better because its still beta & those are small changes, am sure those changes will like people & also will never take more time to create/develop in CS6.

1. Layers Group - In the group (folder) we move the objects with move tool and it moves all grouped objects that’s much better, but when we open the group (Folder) after opening it moves also all grouped objects inside of it !!!, that’s not perfect, how to do it for new version ! just double click on grouped any object in the canvas to open the group then move any (one/more selected) object by pressing & holding Ctrl key (in PC) if auto select is not turned on in control bar, click on the object, and double click on any grouped object to close the group (folder). ( like Illustrator )

2. Save preset of filters in filter gallery - will be really powerful, it must be exchangeable so that we could send that preset to any one, it must be applicable on percentage(%) of document size, (depends on document resolution). or same.

3. Scale effects during the scaling object, in the control bar there is more space (Empty) & it wold be better if there will be added chain icon near the Effects icon when we select transform command on any effected(bending options/layer styled) layer we could click on chain icon to link it with transformation, b/c after applying new transformation, we won't need to go to the layer menu & then will scale effects.

4. 10. keyboard shortcuts like Illustrator for Blend Modes Next , Previous & Opacity 10 to 90, I had started to learn Illustrator CS3 & since CS3 I use these shortcuts for that, (~)tildi for next blend mode, Shift (~) tildi for previous mode, & opacity 10=1 key 20=2 to 90=9 keys.

5. PANEL ICONS Should be Attached under or above the tool Bar but not on Right or Left Side only ( like Indeign CS2 ).

6. pen tool like fireworks its pen tool shows next click's preview (very nice pen tool is in fireworks to understand ( really Awesome ).

7. Pen Tool + Magnetic Pen Tool = In my idea pen tool is the perfect tool for vector drawing it gives us perfect result as we want. but about new users/people they really feel difficult to use & understand it, if they can't understand, although pen tool is very easy to use, & they wants short key without going back for to break the handles created last curve, (for those people) if you (Ps Team) like to create short key then short key should be "c or any easy" press to break the handle, then press again to get it back handle again if the need be during the using pen tool, or create a magnetic pen tool it must work like magnetic lasso tool works for selection, it will be the best & easy to use & to understand, during to use this tool if it goes to wrong way simply press back space key to go back to last step same like Magnetic Lasso.

(Awesome Magnetic Pen Tool)
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Hi Muhammad, these are good ideas but this site works best if ideas are separated out individually so users can comment and vote on each one separately.

Please read this topic.

It's important to:

1. Not create topics that are laundry lists of ideas. Create a separate topic for each idea so users can vote and comment on individual ideas. If you do create a topic that's a laundry list of random ideas, community admins will mark it as "Not Planned" and ask you to separate out your ideas.
2. Do a search to see if your idea has already been submitted and add your vote/comments to existing topics before creating a new one. For example: your 1st group behavior sounds like this:
2. Give your idea a title that says what the actual idea is. "Necessary Features" is not an idea.


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