2015.6 preview builds can mark published photos to republish incorrectly

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Simple technique to reproduce the problem: 

- Start with a catalog where images were developed and previews built with prior versions (at least 2015.4 is fine, and I think 2015.5 is fine but did not try it).  Be sure all published collections are published and no images marked to republish (at least in some collections you check ahead of time).

- Install 2015.6.  Delete the preview cache.

- In 2015.6, go into any published collection and view the images.  Wait patiently, or click on images to show larger to force preview rebuilds.  As each image preview builds, that image is marked to republish, despite no explicit change to develop settings.

The above is the simplest, but probably least frequently encountered.  You can get exactly the same situation by having standard previews built prior to 2015.6 (but not 1:1), then after installing 2015.6 building a 1:1 preview.  The act of building that preview marks the image to republish.

This means after the upgrade, people with many published images have ticking time bombs waiting, as any preview build that is required in the future marks them to republish.  

I went into the database and observed the data structure changes as this occurs, and the develop settings is being changed to increase the version, and remove the PerspectiveX and PerspectiveY in favor of the full guided upright defaults.  This happens on preview build, without ever going into the develop options -- I think this is the bug.  Changing the develop settings (correctly) changes the digest, which in turn (correctly by that point) conflicts with the last published copy and marks it to republish.

While the new engine may be used to build the previews, it needs to use the old develop settings and not change it solely from preview builds, so as to keep the settings the same, and keep the digest the same.

This is not a very visible issue, as there is no overt indication this is occurring unless you happen to be looking at the published collection when the preview builds, then you see the image actual move to the modified section.  Otherwise people just discover inappropriately marked images and do not know why, or publish without noticing and think "this is really slow" as it sends perhaps many instead of few.  While not terribly visible, this can have a huge impact on people with a lot of published items.

The only workaround I have found (short of trying to fiddle with the data directly) is to build 100% of the previews (either standard after deleting them all, or 1:1 if you do not want to delete them, as you need to assure one is built), then go gallery by gallery and mark as up to date.  This, besides being tedious, risks marking images as up to date which are not.  Very tedious, very error prone. 

I believe the solution is not to update the develop settings unless one changes them in develop (or associated sync or quick develop actions), certainly not change them in preview build unless there is no prior develop settings whatsoever.

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