2015.5.1 is slow. Super slow. The last update was fast.

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2015.5.1 is slow. Super slow. The last update ran fast. Some of the previous updates were also slow, it seems to go back and forth. Can you guys not figure out how to make two releases in a row that actually work? I do the same work with each version, why the difference in performance? Why do I with this version have to restart photoshop every half hour or my brush tool has a 15 second+ lag to it, as does every other tool? My computer hasn't changed. My work hasn't changed. I have no plugins. I have 24 gigs of RAM, a GTX 970 w/ 4GB RAM and use a 1TB ssd as scratch, it should be pretty damn fast. This is ridiculous. I actually have to use this software for a job, maybe if you had to do the same you'd focus on making existing features work instead of new features that no one cares about. NEW FEATURES AREN'T USEFUL IF THE OLD FEATURES DON'T WORK. The cursor still gets stuck in text fields constantly, making a selection using the marquee suddenly jumps the tool to brush without clicking anything, shortcut keys often select the last tool instead of the tool associated with the key pressed. These problems persist after many versions, and now it's horribly slow again. This is a broken product and you are taking advantage of your subscription based market.
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I feel since version 2015.5 significant speed up. But I don't use brushes a lot.

9) Improved brush performance (fixed things that were consuming time and shouldn’t have been, improved menu update speed that affected fast brush strokes)
 I don't know... maybe they broke something while something another is faster. It could depends on your brush configuration. 
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It's not just brushes for me, the clone stamp, the healing tool and the marquee all start to have a delay before appearing and starting to draw. Restarting Photoshop stops the delay, but after a while it comes back.
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Silly ? but have you tried resetting the preference. Mine was missing a lot of tools until I did a rest. Jut asking!

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The last few iterations of PS has been lightning fast on my most current windows workstation.

The issues you describe are (very) system specific problems, which can be caused by a LOT of things... (windows problems, antivirus apps, HDD / SSD issues, bad RAM etc etc etc) 

Im pretty sure its something in your software/hardware setup not playing nice with PS
Things to look out for :

1. GPU issues - always download (manually) the latest drivers directly from Nvdia or AMD. PS is notoriously finicky about GPU drivers - in my experience, especially when trouble shooting Windows based workstations - GPU driver problems is typically the culprit in these cases! 

Try disabling GPU support in PS altogether.

2. Windows 8 is know for causing trouble with PS - its either windows 7 or 10 ! Windows 8 is a complete no go. (long story short...)

3. If you use SSD AND you have Intel rapid Storage  (IRS) installed - you MUST deactivate "Link Power Management" in the IAStorUI app - LPM completely ruins performance on SSD drives making the system lagging and unresponsive. 

4. also - if you use Wacom - get the latest drivers from Wacom. 

5. maybe try Uninstall PS completely (uninstall app AND settings) - then reinstall from scratch.

again - on windows especially there's about a million diff things that can screw up your workstation - and sometimes its easier to just clean the HDD and install from scratch...