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Hi there, I don't know if this is useful or not to give any opinion or idea as I'm not sure to be hear by the Adobe Team but let's try:

I've been using Photoshop for more than 20 years and from the beginning, I've always wondered why Photoshop is totally unable to do 2 functions at the same time?

Example: one can't change the opacity of a layer while drawing a line.

Don't go to fast and don't ask me: "why do you need that?"
Take a time and think about the huge possibilities you could have!!!!!!!!!

If you are musician and if you use Protools or Cubase for example, you will immediately understand what I'm saying; You can change the volume of 4 tracks and recording 2 other tracks at the same time.
Why not in Photoshop?

15 years ago, I wanted to use a generic mixer for Photoshop and asked to a guy it was possible to MIDIfy Photoshop. The answer was no and I was so upset!!!
MIDI has been know for years in Music, and could be used in Photoshop to multiply the way to use Photoshop. With foot pedal, you could change the pressure of your pen or the opacity of your layer while moving another layer... I have 2 hands and my 2 foots and I only use 1 hand (for the pen) and a half (for function). 

It could be a kind of Revolution for Photoshop!!!

You can have a look at my work at

Hope the Adobe Team will have a look at my old idea...:-)

Christophe Huet
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Posted 2 years ago

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I *think* people are already using midi modifiers for photoshop, but I haven't looked it up for a while, and if they are, it's through some dodgy software.
But I agree, as another 20+ year user, it would be nice to have an adobe front end for binding sliders/faders etc to photoshop actions, the standards are already well established. "mixing" various brushes within a single stroke (going from one brush, to another, to another) in and out of various shapes and attributes would make painting exponentially more powerful, beyond pressure and angle sensitivity (the latter has never felt natural to me).
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You're right, Stephen. But people who use sliders/knobs could only use them one at a time. Never 2 at the same time.
Wacom tablets are very helpful and it's hard to imagine not to use one of them. But even with Wacom, I can't change the pressure of my pen with my right hand while rotating its shape in the angle I want and it's a shame because I could change the shape rotation with my left hand thanks to a knob (with a mix table plugged in my computer).

And about 2 functions at the same time, with Affinity Photo, one can use the stamp on 2 layers at the same time. Very useful for CG textures when one wants to tile diffuse+normal+height at the same time... But Photoshop can't do this! It's a shame.