Lightroom CC: "Trash" Functionality

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It seems less than optimal for deletion of photos in Lightroom CC to permanently remove the photos from all locations, especially in the event of accidental deletion.

It would be great to have some sort of "Trash" functionality for deleted images (that could be cleared regularly as a policy) or even send deleted images to the native trash on any desktop machines connected to the cloud account.
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Posted 9 months ago

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Agree. As it's a worry working on your 'backup'. You could put the power in our hands, and even use the trash towards our allocation. E.G. You have 550GB used (500GB synced and 50GB in trash) view/clear trash.
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Yep, iCloud Photo Library does this great.  Your deleted photos stick around in the trash for 30 days unless you manually go in and empty it.
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I completely agree, this should be top priority.
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I've finally decided to give LRCC a go having stuck to Aperture.  I find it's already pretty difficult to delete stuff from Lightroom but dislike the binary route when it decides to play.  Aperture had a good model - rejects disappear from albums but stay in the catalogue until actually deleted.  Delete (Cmd Backspace) was easy for obvious bad photos but Trash itself still had to be emptied.  The net effect was easy triage with just the right amount of safety net.
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I almost lost all my photos in Lightroom CC by one click due to the bug in the app (another topic). It would be nice to have kind of recycle bin one could use for undo actions that are now irreversible.
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I do so agree! I made copies instead of moving a few photos decided to delete the copies, well I thougt so. Happens to delete the originals. BAM. And no recycle bin for a period of time like Apple Photos. Just gone.

Why isn’t it possible to remove copies in the first place? In my opinion they have nothing to do with the originals... can this be a bug?
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Folder of delete pictures
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Agreed.  There should be some type of short-term retention for anything that is deleted.  If cloud storage is going to be trusted as the primary storage for my photos, then there needs be a an easy way to undo mistakes or restore recent deletions.  This seems like a step backwards.
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Hi all. New here and this is my first post. I did the full monty and canceled my Photo-Sub (with Lightroom CC + Classic + Photoshop + 20GB Cloud) and go for the 1TB with Lightroom CC. So far so good. Folders from old catalogs doesn't work anymore if I migrate, got it. No worry about that. It's a good kick to go over the 55k pictures in my library and sort them out and put it in new folder in LCC. But big big wish - give us a Trashcan, a Recycle Bin. That's all for the moment from me. Greetings to all from Switzerland and keep on rocking. Cheers. Marco
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Please add a trash can or recently deleted folder asap! I just almost lost a photo because of this! 

A trick for anyone this might happen to... I accidentally deleted a photo on my iPhone; I quickly turned my computer's wifi off before opening lightroom on my MacBook, luckily the photo was still there, and I saved to my desktop the original+settings before turning wifi back on.  After the sync happened, I re-imported the picture and saved the day for myself. 
Seriously considering going back to Photos if this feature is not added soon!
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I Agree as well
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Don't forget to click the "Vote" box at the top of the page!
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Are you kidding? Do we really need to vote such a basic feature? Does it need month of development and beta testing?
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I agree! 
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I love Lightroom CC, but there are still a few things missing. One of them is a "Recently Deleted" album. Ideally this would be where stuff you've deleted in the last 30 days would reside before being deleted permanently (or could be cleared out manually). Since LRCC seems to bypass the normal Trash/Recycle Bin folder, this would be great for making sure I don't accidentally delete something and then have no way of recovering it.
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I'm waiting for a new version including such a basic/essential feature. 
Adobe is allowed to create a third software called Lightroom CC-DT (Deleted Trashed version) and ask 3 bucks more a month.
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:D :D :D
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It's time Adobe! Thread is 8 months old and such a very very very basic feature is still not implemented...

This can be done easily and doesn't need more space. The deleted files can be added to the total space of an account and removed if the user decides to empty the trash. And if the trash is emptied, ah well, then the files are gone.
Just lost some files because of this. This experience is much more cumbersome than implementing the feature...