Photoshop: "To use Creative Cloud Libraries please update the Creative Cloud Application"

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Hello !
Today when I opened my PC I was notified that the Creative Cloud Desktop Application needs to be updated.
I clicked on update, waited for it to finish and sadly it ended up with an error and I had to use Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool to uninstall it. It has uninstalled successfully..
After reinstalling it, Photoshop no longer sees my libraries. I have tried all the help links from adobe help website to fix the sync, delete sync file, sign in, sign out.
Nothing works, I cannot see my libraries inside photoshop.
I get the message in the title: "To use Creative Cloud Libraries, please update the Creative Cloud Application.
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Posted 2 years ago

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Official Response

There is a quick change to try that should get your Libraries panel back to working.

1) Quit any running Adobe CC applications (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, etc.) 
2) go to the location below and move the complete 'CC_LIBRARIES_PANEL_EXTENSION_2_14_207' folder to your desktop 

C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\CEP\extensions\

3) relaunch Photoshop

Let us know how things go.

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I was having the *exact same* issue this week as "Rosa" and "CristianC25" and it started at the same day as them.

Following Steve's method fixed the problem for me too.

Thank you.
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Hi Rosa,

I'm glad to hear that it worked.

I don't have all the pieces of the puzzle but can tell you a bit of the background. The library panel is an extension that relies on a few other components. Your machine had the 2.14.207 extension which was being loaded by Photoshop.

When the Creative Cloud update failed (which I don't understand the root cause), and you uninstalled and re-installed the version, a file was removed. With that file removed, network connections that the library uses could not happen and you get the message about updating the Creative Cloud application.

You system still has the components that will allow the 2.13.141 panel version to work though. So by moving the 2.14 version out of the path, Ps now loads the earlier version and things are working again.

We are still investigating what happened with the update failure, so we can get your system back running the latest version of the Libraries panel. I don't think a screen share is needed at this time though.

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Although I know that Creative Cloud isn't working right, I did my best to fix the issue.
Sadly, if you don't update, you temporarily lose access to the creative cloud program, which is undesired.
However, none of you want to constantly re-open CCLibraries everytime your computer opens.

I went and made a task scheduler that opens CCLibrary whenever the computer logs on. As long as you don't quit the program, you should be able to use it fine without any issues. I could design it to open whenever Creative Cloud is opened, but that's much more complicated and requires other programs.

This "fixes" the newest version for now. It can be deleted when the problem is fixed.
You can download it at this Dropbox link. It's just an xml file, so don't worry about downloading anything extra. It's pretty simple to add as well.

1. Open the run prompt (windows key+r)
2. Type in taskschd.msc and press OK.
3. Click on the Task Scheduler Library.
4. Look on the toolbar on the right. There should be something that says "Actions" in bold.
5. Open the Task scheduler library if it isn't already.
6. Click "Import Task"
7. Find wherever you downloaded the xml file. Import it in and press OK.
8. You may now delete the file from wherever you downloaded it.
9. Click on the CCLibrary task, and click Run (under the Actions, Selected Item).

This will, for now, stop you from needing to open CCLibrary every time you need to use your Library.
Hope this helps!
This is working and tested for the latest version of Creative Cloud. If the issue is later fixed, you actually don't need to delete the task- it won't affect anything program side but might make computer startup slightly longer. 

Good luck!