[Photoshop] Please add automatic DPI calibration for actual Print Size preview

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One of the problems I faced last year with one of my clients was that "Print Size" view in Photoshop would not be actual Print Size.

I think we've all been there. I tried explaining to her that it's been a while since displays don't have a fixed 72 ppi resolution and that it's a number dividing number of pixels to physical inches of the screen etc. but you all know the client doesn't want to know this bullshit.

So I've been using Photoshop for years and only this year I found out that you can manually calibrate Photoshop to use your display DPI (and not default 72) to get an accurate Print Size view on the screen using some tools.

The thing is this "not automatically using your display DPI" thing only happens in Photoshop. Illustrator (at least for me) accurately displays the real physical size at 100% zoom.

This would save me (and I think some people) from situations like these when you work with some gigantic print work including patterns and things that need accurate, cm-wise details. Sometimes you know you can trust what the software says but clients (at least mine) are not so sure if they don't >see< it themselves.

So my idea is to basically ask the user for a first-time setup in Photoshop where it automatically gets your display's "resolution" (1920x1080, 2560x1440 etc.) and you type the screen size in inches. The software could then save this information of pixels per inch to display Print Size accurately for you. It could include some presets like "iMac 27" (2012)" etc.
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Posted 2 years ago

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Yeah. I know what you mean.

I usually put a ruler up on the screen next to the Photoshop rulers to demonstrate that these do not generally match - for 'reasons'. haha

Then I zoom to the closest size, and use the arrow keys on the lower left % field to get it accurate.

30% is pretty accurate for my monitor to get a 1:1 inch match.


This is nothing compared to explaining why colors don't match from screen to print out!
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I won't even go into colors, ugh, what a headache.

But you should try out the steps I linked on "some tools". I did that and it solves the problem. My suggestion for the team is just to make this detection - or part of it - automatic.
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Great article here - https://www.photoshopessentials.com/essentials/the-72-ppi-web-resolution-myth/

My screen resolution is 94.58 pixels/inch